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Vibrations' CREED

I believe that –
    I am only one, but still I am one.
    I could not do everything, 
       but I could do something.
    And because I could not do everything, 
       but I could do something, 
    I will not refuse to do that something 
       that I could do.


VIBRATIONS is an electronic alter ego of author’s column in Negros Daily Bulletin, a vigilant community newspaper in Bacolod City, Philippines of the same title.

VIBRATIONS connotes “one’s emotional response to an aura felt to surround a person or thing, especially when considered in or out of harmony with oneself” (Webster Comprehensive Dictionary, International Edition, 1987).

RANDOM VIBRATIONS was the original column title used by this author when he submitted his first written article to Negros Bulletin sometime in 1991. For brevity, however, the NB editor-in-chief shortened it to VIBRATIONS, which the author has until now maintained it.

And later, an opportunity comes in, paving the way for him to come up with this sub-domain, (URL:, as a good training ground for making a professional website in the offing.



This website is a font of author’s personal “vibrations” or reflections on people, places and events.

This is also an avenue of his solicited or unsolicited opinion or reaction on current issues on education, population, government, among others.

And this could likewise be the source of findings of varied educational, informative researches on human interests, arts and humanities, science and technology, trade and commerce, among others.



The content of this website is the works of the author. Any similarity of articles posted herein from other sources, be it electronic or hard copy, is coincidencial. However, any copyrighted articles cited in this webpage is duly credited, linked and/or necessary permission from the said source is obtained.


Created 14 October 2006
by Gil Camporazo
the author

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