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What Is A SASE?
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What Is A SASE?

What is A SASE?? How Do You Do One??

It is short for a Self-Addressed and Stamped Envelope...So inside of an envelope, you'll be sending me a SASE. It's basically you just paying the postage to and from. One key thing though--don't seal the inside envelope because I'd have to be able to put the card in to send it back to you. PWE's are fine to do SASE's in. So basically,

1. take 2 regular white envelopes
2. write my address on one of will be used to send TO me
3. on the other, write your address on there like you would be sending to yourself. THIS ENVELOPE GOES INSIDE THE FIRST ONE
4. [b]Put a stamp on each one of them[/b]
5. Put the one with your address on it inside the one with my address on it
6. Seal the package (you'd be sealing the envelope with my name on it)
7. Drop it in the mail. Once I receive, I'll open it, put your card in that extra envelope, and send it back to you

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