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The Collectors' List
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The Collectors' List---A list of who collects who/what

Just type your info into my Guestbook and I'll update this list! PLMK. Thanks and enjoy the list and I hope you make some trades with these people who are great traders!!!!!



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Biedrins, Andris (77ncaachamps,

Carter, Vince (shifter2334, Shawn,

Diener, Travis (77ncaachamps,

Duncan, Tim (Seahawkz37,

Ellis, Monta (77ncaachamps,

Felton, Raymond (shifter2334, Shawn,

Jack, Jarrett (Seahawkz37,

James, LeBron (Seahawkz37,

Jordan, Michael (shifter2334, Shawn,

May, Sean (shifter2334, Shawn,

Mbenga, D.J. (Jarrett1jack, Keenan,

McCants, Rashad (shifter2334, Shawn,

Miller, Reggie (nbaballa4life, Chris,

Parker, Smush (nbaballa4life, Chris,

Randolph, Zach (Seahawkz37,

Varejao, Anderson (JamesGang23,

Villanueva, Charlie (nbaballa4life, Chris,

Wade, Dwyane (77ncaachamps,

Webster, Martell (Seahawkz37,

Williams, Marvin (shifter2334, Shawn,

Wright, Antoine (Jarrett1jack, Keenan,



2005-06 Topps Chrome Refractors (Jarrett1jack, Keenan,

2005-06 Topps Collector Chips Retired Legends (nbaballa4life, Chris,



03-04 Minnesota Timberwolves (nbaballa4life, Chris,

Cleveland Cavaliers- (JamesGang23,

Golden State Warriors- (77ncaachamps,

Indiana Pacers- (Deadshot,

Marquette University- college - (77ncaachamps,

University of North Carolina Tarheels (shifter2334, Shawn,

Portland Trailblazers- (Seahawkz37,

Sacramento Kings- (tazmocan,

AIM: kgcharliev

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