nbaballa4life's basketball cards

My feedback/references
nbaballa4life's basketball cards
My feedback/references
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My Feedback/References

I have done many deals during my short time with on-line trades/sells/buys. Here is all of my feedback/references, plus some not listed. Thanks for looking and maybe before too long, you will be on this list also!


I have done over 300+ deals as of 6/18/07.

My eBay feedback (username is villanuevafan) as of 6/18/07: 15, all positives, no negatives. 23 feedback + multiple deals as of 4/29/06 + other sites' refs I have:

J.R. Smith Collector (aka Adhesiveness), John2871, JBLog17, Cardcollector101, lildirkjr, David Crampton(i forget what his screen name was, 1st online deal done of mine), Clizark, ldsflava, Seanob22, Danny, vr23, bballcardheaven, ShawnMarionCollector, ringprince, lilirishbruin913, jetblueguy, Gtownbball, Gosman, Bob3409, Cameo2005, fullmetal, anf1892thedunkmaster, penny2913, slingshot, CrossoverTim, TheWrightAnswer, sfknights, wrigleyfield, jkapono24, cardboardmoney, cardhussluh, bigjohn82, Beltran4MVP, Messier2, Looking4LBRookieCard, BB-Man, Matze_TH, iversonformvp, BRYCEHILL, Deadshot, samhag1, JShipley19, Seahawkz37,  and many others on this site plus around 7 other sites!!!


My usernames on all the sites I've joined are one of the following:






#1 Villanueva Collector EVER

CharlieVillanuevaCollector---(Username I use on my forum!,



AIM: kgcharliev

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