Organized Photography Events For People in The Industry



  Arizona Photo Events  has dedicated itself to hosting amazing events & networking opportunities for others in the industry. We promote and help new models get started with verifiable references that we can do so. No false promises.

     We welcome all those who have wanted to experience what it is like to be a model, photograph models or be a makeup artist and stylist in an actual "working" environment. Seeing, being and doing is what we promote.

      We invite everyone with a dream and an aspiration to be the best they can be by coming together and experiencing "hands on" what it entails to do these jobs. Young and old, Male or Female, there is a market for everyone !

      Arizona Photo Events is run by a group of industry professionals, none with less then 10 years in the business. We have been in Arizona for over 20 yrs and have established solid roots in the community with many references.

We are here specifically for anyone who is serious about gaining experience in modeling while building a great, professional portfolio and having fun at the same time. We are here to make you feel GOOD about yourself. We do not discriminate about age, size, weight , sex , height , etc.

ANYONE Can be a Model, because Real Beauty comes from within

My monthly events give models, photographers, makeup artists, bodypainters & stylists a chance to network in a DRAMA & ATTITUDE FREE Zone

We are NOT an agency just professionals in the industry who lend our support to others trying to get established.

Photographers, Models, Mua's & Stylists

Whether you are just starting out in the industry or are already established,We can help you market yourself to others by promoting your work. 

Our monthly events are also second to none as we bring everyone together to do what they love in a relaxed atmosphere. 

We do many themed shoots which allow models to explore there artistic and creative sides

Everyone is an individual. Arizona Photo Events does not stereotype !!

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  • "I cannot thank NGS and Corinne enough for what the group has done for me. Modeling with them has made me into a more mature, stylish, confident individual, much less giving me t..."
    Amanda Stair
    Very positive experience