My Maternal Family Tree Website: Broga, Houle, Mallison, Rice

Broga Mallison Rice Houle Geneaology


*Note: The following was written by my brother, Aidan Clement, and this is an excerpt from

his website, which is always a work in progress. The following summarizes our maternal (our

mother's side) family tree and the different lineages from which it is comprised.


A Brief Overview of My Recent Ancestry (with some interesting facts):

My Maternal Grandparents:
Arthur Broga m. Kate Myra Rice
My grandfather could build anything, and was extremely intelligent. 

My grandmother was renowned around town for her pies, flowers, and kind heart.

Arthur's Parents:
Duane Elbert Broga m. Minnie Houle

Many people have fond memories of my great grandfather's horse "Dolly".

Kate's Parents:
David Newton Rice m. Catherine May Mallison
Catherine died young from tuberculosis and wrote poetry.

Duane Elbert's Parents:
Norman Miles Broga m. Jennie Lee Peck
Jennie had red hair.

Minnie's Parents:
Christmas (Noel) Houle m. Emulda Gill
Although they were both from Canada
, Christmas was French while Emulda was Irish.

David's Parents:
Frank Lewis Rice m. Mary Deet Putnam
Mary's mother was from some unknown place in Vermont
, but her dad was from one of the

founding families of Becket.

Catherine's Parents:
Dwight (Nathan) Mallison m. Sarah Hazard
Dwight served in the 37th Massachusetts Regiment in the Civil War.  Tragically, Sarah's mother,

Hannah, was brutally murdered in 1876, by a wandering vagrant, in her own home in Otis.

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