My Maternal Family Tree Website: Broga, Houle, Mallison, Rice

Broga Mallison Rice Houle Geneaology

     Thank you for checking out this website. This website primarily relates to my maternal family tree, that is, my mother's side of the family. Eventually I hope to have something similar like this for the paternal side of my family. My family and I have been working on documenting our genealogy and ancestry for years. My brother is working on a website (which is currently unavailable) documenting the actual family tree, whereas this website is primarily a photo website. Since I am a photographer, my primary focus of interest has been locating, scanning and/or copying, restoring and archiving all of the photos that I can find of my ancestors. I have many more photos to put on here, so if you don't see someone whose photo you think I might have, please feel free to ask, by emailing me at: or leaving me  a comment in the guest book. For example, I have some photos of my grandparents' siblings, aunts, uncles, etc. Please note that this website is a constant work in progress.

     Please also note that there are various family members of mine, close and distant, who are members of this website. They have the ability to upload photos to this website, just as I do, although I would say that 95% of them so far have been uploaded and edited by myself. Thank you sincerely to all who have done so, and please do feel free to continue. Photo sharing is definitely encouraged.  Please be aware that if you have uploaded a photo and do not see it, then it was probably relocated to the corresponding folder which it belongs in. For example, some photos in the miscellaneous Brogas folder were actually of my grandmother, Kate Rice Broga, therefore I relocated those photos to the specific folder containing photos exclusively of my grandparents. Let me know if you have any questions related to this. Also be aware that you might see some of the same photos in multiple folders. This is to show how they are related in different ways. For example, there are photos of my grandfather, Arthur Alfred Broga in his own folder, but there are also photos of him in a folder with his parents and siblings. I have tried to label everything to avoid confusion, but again, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Eventually there will be new folders added which will include the siblings of my grandmother, Kate Myra Rice Broga, and possibly some photo folders of more recent generations. For the most part the vast majority of people in these photos are deceased, however if you see yourself in a photo and would not like it to be on the website, please let me know and I shall remedy that. Also, anyone is welcome to become a member of this website, relative or friend, so please feel free to do so.   :)

     I also would sincerely like to thank everyone that has made this website possible, with their immeasurable help in helping us to figure out our family tree. The vast majority of the photos on this website would not even be here without the generosity of multiple relatives who allowed access to them so that I could photograph, copy, scan and/or restore them, and therefore share them with others. I also thank all of my relatives, close and distant for the family reunions that they have planned, the swapping of stories, the long visits with my mother, brother and myself, their emails back and forth, etc. There are so many that have helped over the years to make this possible, and I'm sure that I will inadvertently forget to name someone, but I will try to name at least some of them here. The following people have been of invaluable help to me, my mother and brother in various ways for obtaining access to both copies of family photographs, as well as family history:  Louise Trudeau (wow, the amazing research that she did back in the 1960's {before the internet!} really helped to lay the groundwork for our own research, and thanks to her for letting me take photos of her photos, which took hours); Clara Russo Page (thanks for visiting with us and for letting me take photos of her many photos); Dale and Ted Dickson (for emailing me the photo of Cora Broga and for letting me copy their other important photos); Eleanor Rice Andrus (for letting me copy and scan her photos of both sides of the family); to the late Charles Rice as well as his wife Margaret and daughter Bunny for letting me photograph them, as well as copy many of their old photos and help me label them); Vicki Mayhew (for her planning the big undertaking of the family reunions); Zane George; Janice, Karen, Elsie and Susan Stone and Bobby, Linda and Louie Mayhew for the wonderful visits and information at the family reunion); Nina Santoro and Dennis Galliher (for their informative email correspondence, and thanks to Dennis for the photos he so kindly uploaded so far), Brad Braga (for all of his extensive and pioneering Broga research); Royal "Bunky" Broga (for kindly meeting with us and allowing me to photograph him); Ethel Rice as well as her children (for letting us compare notes and stories and copy her photos); the late Sally Poland (for kindly giving my mother the photos of Fred N. and Elsie Broga); both photo labs I've worked at (Ritz Camera and Motophoto) for being excellent places to print the photos; New England School of Photography (my Alma Mater) where I learned how to scan, copy and extensively do restoration work on old photos) and everyone else who has helped along the way. Your help is immeasurable and very much appreciated!

     I especially would like to thank my mother's siblings: Auntie Armine Broga Cooper, Auntie Diane Broga Theriault, Auntie Sandra Broga Mills and Uncle Duane Broga. Their unending enthusiasm for family history has truly been an inspiration to me. Most of all I would like to thank my mother, Donna Ann Broga Clement Carnevale, and my brother, Aidan Clement. They were the whole reason that I got into documenting and preserving our family history in the first place. While my focus has always been preserving the photographs, that endeavor would be useless without their endless months and years of research to find out just who everyone is and how we are all connected. Whether it was digging through piles of papers and documents, driving me all over the place to visit and copy relatives photos, visiting every tiny local library trying to find more information, spending many a Sunday visiting cemetaries and seeking out gravestones (and finally locating the legendary but elusive Harris Cemetary!), freezing in November trying to plant flower bulbs near our relatives's gravestones (so that they would have markers to avoid getting even more damaged by the caretakers' lawnmowers) getting DNA tests to see our genealogy from a scientific point of view, or just their hours of discussion and study to separate fact from family legends, them fielding my phone calls at all hours to help me label the photos I'm working matter what aspect of it, my mother and brother's dedication to documenting our family genealogy has truly been amazing and commendable. It is our hope that all of this effort for our "fun hobby" will pay off...which it will if at least one relative in the present or future finds value in the work that we have done.

     It is our hope that distant relatives searching the internet for their own ancestors might come across our websites and be able to share information and photos with us, as we hope to do for them. Please feel free to become a member, sign my guestbook if this is the case, and have fun looking at the photographs.  :)

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