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Mary Womack Byrum

with her son James "Jim" Byrum

and holding her daughter Ruth "Helen" Byrum.

Mary is about 8 months preg. with son

Henry Levi Debs "Lee" Byrum




Thomas Washington Byrum, Sr.




Henry Levi Debs "Lee" Byrum

~The Man Called Lee~

     AKA: Henry Levi Debs Byrum


There was a man called Lee

Melons, Iron, and Cotton

He always was busy- as a bee

He is gone but not forgotten


His black hair turned white,

Blue eyes turned almost grey,

He tried to do what was right

To show us the proper way


He had the voice of an angel

Song's of love & old-time songs

But now he's with the archangel

To his Cora he had no wrongs


She loved him with all her heart

He was her man -she called him Lee

Their love would never depart

It was a love that would always be


 Teresa Elaine Walker

Copyright ©2004 Teresa Elaine Walker

All Rights Reserved

Tribute to Cora Byrum


Cora was a bright ray of sunshine sent from God above

To show us the truth and shower us with love.


We know she had her share of trials, grief, and sorrow

This old world didn’t give her hope for a bright tomorrow


She was a loving Mother, Grandmother, Sister, and friend

And was a wife on whom her husband could depend


Cora only saw the good in each and everyone she met

And earthly trials never seemed to make her upset


She liked to sew, bake, garden, and read

God was her provider he met her every need


For 91 years she lived on this earth

With not many knowing her true worth


They looked at her and thought what could she contribute?

Never knowing all the prayers that she would distribute


Cora knew that she was a stranger in a foreign land

And she was looking for the city made by God’s hand


No need to get caught up with worldly stuff

She knew she had provisions enough


Instead she placed her treasures in Heaven above

Streams of tears, Oceans of patience, and Rivers of love


She will remain in the hearts that hold her dear

Until we meet again with a great cheer.


In that city made by God above

With a great Reunion of Tears & Love


Teresa Elaine Walker

April 8, 2007

Copyright ©2007 Teresa Elaine Walker 

All Rights Reserved




Dr. William Wiley Womack

b. May 1851, Alabama, USA

d. unknown

m. Martha Adeline Sanders


Martha Adeline Sanders

b: 1849 in Marshall County, Alabama, USA

m. 26 APR 1869 in Jackson County, Alabama, USA




Mary Ann Samantha Jane Womack

b. March 27, 1872, Alabama, USA

m. Oct. 16, 1887, Jackson Co., Arkansas, USA to Thomas Washington Byrum, Sr.

d. August 26, 1932, Holly Creek, McCurtain Co., Ok, USA



Robert Polk Womack b: 10 AUG 1873 in Jackson County, Alabama, USA

Elizabeth Womack b: 1877 in Jackson County, Alabama, USA

L. Eveline Womack b: JAN 1880 in Alabama or Arkansas, USA


M. Feb. 14, 1887 Thomas Washington "Tom" Byrum,Sr.


Thomas Washington Byrum, Sr.

b. April 14, 1867, Tennessee, USA

d. Aug. 04, 1938, Bonham, Fannin Co., Texas, USA





Henry Levi Debs "Lee" Byrum

Note: Some called him "Dee"

But he went as "Lee" 

b. Dec. 10, 1912, McCurtain Co., Ok, USA

m. Oct. 05, 1940, Greenville, Texas, USA

d. October 13, 1996, Oklahoma, USA


siblings: (Frank, James "Jim", Lilly, Maude, Myrtle, Addie, Ruth "Helen" Byrum)


m. Cora Turner

b. August 31, 1915, in Birthright, Texas, USA

d. April 8, 2007, in Oklahoma, USA




Living Daughter













“He who cares nothing about his ancestors will rarely achieve

anything worthy of being remembered by his descendents.”

~ Author Unknown~







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