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Solomon H. Burkhart


Sarafine "Sally" Burkhart & Jonathan Rushing

~Jonathon & His Sarafine~


 Listen & you will hear the melodies of the whispering pine,

 As it spreads the melodic tale of Jonathon & his Sarafine


When that Rushing met His Burkhart

He knew they must never part


Her hair was black as raven - His was fiery red

They struggled on a farm just to keep their family fed


With a love as big as Texas & hope like the rushing wind

They raised 13 children upon that Northeast Texas bend


When their Son Thomas died & left behind two small children

They thought their heart would break with such a heavy burden


Nevertheless, nothing could crush Jonathon & his Sarafine

They stood tall like the mighty whispering Pine


 "Jonathon- Jonathon time to come home"- said the angels as they pass through

Five years later- Daughter Oda heard the angels call her name, too.


Sarafine grieved for her family she thought I need my angels, too

 Still small voice-"Sarafine I loved you so much that I lent them to you."


This was the tale of true lovers

- Jonathon & his Sarafine


Teresa Elaine Walker

Copyright ©2004 Teresa Elaine Walker

 All Rights Reserved


Oda with her son Ovis Henson

Tribute to

       Oda Elizabeth Rushing Turner


 Oda Heaven called your beautiful name

Now you're with the angels on high

Our family will never be the same

Since you departed into the glorious sky


W.F. & Ovis were swimming that mournful day

W.F. said "something is wrong-we must go home"

Ovis said, "Oh, Dad can't we just stay"?

"Mom is just cleaning & cooking at home"


"Son We Must go home- Something is wrong"

She was collapsed on the kitchen floor

Weakening, fading fast and almost gone

Now she's traveling on that heavenly shore


You left at such a young age & took your unborn with you

Only God knows why he called you home to be with him

This left your family all broken, empty, tattered & blue

Couldn't God just have left you to stay with them?


But God in his infinite wisdom has his reasons

He didn't leave the family to grief all alone

He is the wonderful maker of all seasons

Winter must come before spring can be sown


Oda, love for your children didn't leave you in death

 Your spirit bent down & kissed little Ernest asleep

 Even after you took your last earthly breath

 We saw your body but you didn't say a peep


You watched over daughters Cora, Lillie & Rosie

Kept an eye on your sons Ernest & Ovis, too

Watched them as they played ring-around-the-rosy

They were your children & they meant so much to you


Teresa Elaine Walker

Copyright ©2004 Teresa Elaine Walker

All Rights Reserved

W.F. and Oda Elizabeth Rushing Turner



W.F. Turner


"Have YOU received the

Holy Ghost since

YOU believed?"

W.F. was baptized

in the Name

of the Lord Jesus Christ


Luke 24:46-48

Acts 2:38

Acts 8:12, 15-17

Acts 10:44-48

Acts 19:5-6

Romans 6:3-4







Solomon H. Burkhart

_Son of Frederick Burkhart & Christianna “Christina” Campbell_

b. Sept. 1832 Morgan Co., IN, USA

d. 1926 Racine, Newton Co., MO, USA




Sarafine “Sally” Burkhart

b. September 05, 1856 Missouri, USA

mar. Feb, 1873 to Jonathan Rushing

d. May 15 or 16th, 1938 Birthright, Hopkins Co., Texas,USA


M. Feb. 06, 1873


Jonathan Rushing

_Son of Abel B. Rushing & Lucinda Barnard_

b. March 21, 1850 Birthright, Hopkins Co., Texas, USA

December 31, 1915 Tira, Hopkins County, Texas, USA




Oda Elizabeth Rushing

b. Feb. 04, 1888 Birthright, Hopkins Co., Texas, USA

m. May 25, 1912 William Franklin Turner

d. July 31, 1921 Birthright, Hopkins Co., Texas, USA


M. May 25, 1912


William Franklin “W.F.” Turner

_The son of Franklin Jarrett Turner_

b. Nov. 16, 1886 Garretts Bluff, Texas, USA

d. March 17, 1958 Paris, Texas




Living Daughter




Living Daughter







“To forget one’s ancestors

is to be a brook without a source,

a tree without a root.”

~Author Unknown~





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