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Tribute To My Dad











f  I could write your life story

It would be the greatest ever told

Of a kind, gentle and loving man

Who had a heart of purest gold


You weren't a famous hero

Known by this old world

But you were a hero to us

You were our whole world


You were like a rock

Strong, faithful and true

What will become of our lives

Now that we don’t have you


You were mom's best friend

And the love of her life

You made her heart complete

She was proud to be your wife


You loved each of us so much

And we loved to see you smile

For there is no one else in the world

That would go the extra mile


You were a firm foundation

Through all our storms of life

A sturdy hand to hold on to

In times of trials, stress and strife


Your dreams were seldom spoken

And your wants were very few

Now our hearts feel broken

You were taken and made anew


You never looked for praises

And you were never one to boast

You worked hard on the railroad

For those you loved the most


Through the years like a hero you stood

You cooked breakfast & worked hard all day

To provide and give us all the love you could

And to make our home a safe place to stay


You taught us life's lessons

Of what's right and what's wrong

And instilled in us values

That we may become strong


You were our husband, dad, and pops

It tears us into that we are now apart

We will and have always loved you

You will be forever in our heart


You were a true friend we could turn to

When times were good or bad

Our greatest and dearest blessing

The man we called dad


You called us your angels

And said we were your pride, joy, and love

Daddy now you are our angel

Flying high in the great big sky above


We will remember all you taught us

We will not falter or fall

Remembering you always

You were the greatest daddy of all


The mold must have been broken

God don’t make ‘em like our daddy anymore

You were an angel of a man…

No there's no man like our daddy anymore


And so dear Dad,

We will be waiting to depart

Till we see you again

You will be forever in our heart.



Teresa Elaine Walker


Copyright ©2009 Teresa Elaine Walker 


 All Rights Reserved


© Teresa Elaine Walker 

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