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Robert M. Womack


Robert M. Womack (My line)

My gg Grandfather was William Wiley Womack and he was the only child of Robert M. Womack and Mary Elizabeth Sanders of Jackson Co., AL.

 Robert M. Womack's was born ca. 1830(probably Franklin Co.,) TN. He was the son of Levi B. Womack and Martha Bean.

 Levi B. Womack signed a letter of consent giving permission for Robert M. Womack to marry Elizabeth Sanders.

Parental marriage consent

Consent Affidavits

 For an underage bride or groom to marry, a parent or legal guardian had to sign a piece of paper indicating the marriage was permissible. While some jurisdictions have required consent regardless of age, most demanded consent affidavits from a parent or legal guardian only for those under the minimum age -usually twenty-one for males, eighteen for females. Sometimes a parent or guardian appeared with the underage person and gave verbal permission. The record will show that the parent was present and was known to the clerk but may not record the name. A detailed, printed consent form was part of the marriage license in a few localities.

The signed slip was brought to the county clerk and had to be submitted before a marriage license could be obtained. The existence of the slip was usually recorded in a county record book on the day the license was procured, though the date on the slip itself might have been several days earlier.

The father of the underage person usually gave consent, especially in the South. When a mother has given consent, the father was likely deceased. When both parents were deceased, the legal guardian granted permission to marry. If the guardian is related to the person getting married, their relationship may be stated besides the title guardian. If the parent was not the signer of the consent, the consent often mentioned that the bride or groom is the "son/daughter of" a named deceased and the aforementioned signer had to be a legal guardian. If the consent is signed by the mother of the party, again it can generally be assumed that the father is deceased at the time of the proposed marriage. Thus the only person who could sign a letter of consent for marriage was a parent or legal guardian. If a legal guardian was the signer then it would say "---" legal guardian of " ----".

I have checked with numerous court house officials and they all agree that Robert M. Womack was the son of Levi B. Womack. They all also stated that only his father or a legal guardian could give consent for marriage. Each official said that if Levi were his legal guardian instead of a parent then it would list Levi's relationship as legal guardian of Robert M. Womack.

 Robert M. Womack was enumerated twice in the 1850 US Federal Census.

When I showed the 1850 census they each said that he was enumerated twice and that this was a common occurrence. I have found other relatives of mine that were also enumerated twice.

Robert M. Womack as listed in the 1850 United States Federal Census.

1850 Census

AL DeKalb, 25 Division, roll 5

Page 354A, House 385

Sanders, Elijah 45 M W Farmer Unknown

Sanders, Ailsa 42 F W AL

Sanders, Elijah 17 M W Farmer AL

Sanders, Mary 12 F W AL

Sanders, Margaret 8 F W AL

Sanders, Frank 4 M W AL

Sanders, William 3 M W AL

Sanders, Caladonia 1 F W AL

Page 354A, House 386

22 Wammock Robert 18 M W Farmer 0 TN =Robert M. Womack (enumerated twice )

23 Wammock Elizabeth 19 F W AL

Page 354A, House 388

28 Wommack L B 47 M W Farmer 0 NC

29 Wommack Martha 46 F W GA

30 Wommack Robert 19 M W TN= Robert M. Womack ( enumerated twice )

31 Wommack Obediah 15 M W AL

32 Wommack Jesse 12 M W AL

33 Wommack Isham 10 M W AL

Page 354A, House 389

34 Wommack W R 24 M W Farmer 0 TN

35 Wommack Lucretia 18 F W AL

36 Wommack Elizabeth 1 F W AL

Listed below are a few of the "famous" people who have been found to have been listed twice in a United States federal census.

1850 Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) -- is listed with his family & with a printer in Hannibal, Missouri

1860 Robert E. Lee -- is listed in Virginia with his family & in Texas with the military

1880 Frank Lloyd Wright --  had a first enumeration & had a second enumeration

1880 Rutherford B. Hayes -- was listed in Ohio and in Washington DC

1900 Humphrey Bogart--once in Ontario County, New York and once in Manhattan.

1900 Katherine Anne Porter--in Hayes County, Texas with her father and again with her grandmother

1910 George M. Cohan --In an apartment by himself and with his family

1910 Jack London -- In Oakland, California and in Sonoma County, California

1930 Charles Lindbergh --1930 in St. Louis, Missouri with his wife, Anne Morrow Lindbergh and in an earlier enumeration (also in 1930) in St. Louis with his wife.

1930 Thomas Edison -- In New Jersey and in Ft. Myers, Florida

Robert was listed twice in the Census....

It could happen to your ancestor, too!

I also have reason to believe that Robert M. Womack had the nickname of Wiley Womack. And that his son William Wiley Womack was named after his aforementioned nickname. I have a few documents that suggest this.

I started genealogy when I was a young girl -a little over 30 years ago, and have collected a lot of information on my direct line, but the search is never ending. LOL.

Any information on the Womack or Sanders line would be helpful and greatly appreciated!


*More information listed below

Robert L. Womack

Robert L. Womack (My Friends Line)

My friend's gg grandfather was Robert L. Womack, b. 20 Apr 1857 Jackson Co., AL d. 10 Feb 1896 AR. He married 30 Jul 1881 Ellen Purser, b. 15 Apr 1857 AL or Itawamba Co., MS, d. 15 May 1924 Abilene (Hamby Community), Taylor Co., TX, dau. of Elizabeth Priddy and William Purser of Itawamba Co., MS. William Riley Womack was the son of Levi Berry Womack and Martha Bean.

In Nov of 1896 Ellen Womack signed a note, giving permission for their dau., Altie Myrtle Womack, b. 15 June 1882, MS or AR to marry J. W. Sanders. I obtained a copy of this note from the Prairie Co., AR Courthouse.

At the same time she signed a note, "by W. W. and M. A. Womack" for L. E. Womack to marry L. M. Sanders in Prairie Co., AR. This was Eveline Womack, dau., of Dr. William Wiley Womack and Martha Ann Sanders. I have a copy of this note also. L. M. Sanders was Elijah "Lige" M. Sanders, son of Margaret Unknown and John B. Sanders of Jackson Co., AL and later Prairie Co., AR.

The birth, death and marriage dates of Robert L. Womack, Ellen Purser Womack and their dau., Altie Myrtle Womack were taken from Ellen Purser Womack's Bible.


Any information on the Womack or Sander's family would be helpful to us.




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