Gloucester City Cultural Arts and Heritage Society

Meets the Fourth thursday  of every Month at The Gloucester City Fire Hall, King Street ,6:00PM, Gloucester City, NJ, 08030 Email -856-456-1462

The Mission of our Society is to increase awareness of Gloucester Cities Arts, Culture, and Heritage, and provide opportunities to participate in events which will enrich the lives of people in our community.

Director/Founder/ Events Coordinator,

Mary Lou Adams 

Treasurer, Rae Whelan

Public Relations, Craig Burgess and Adrianne Parent

Society Assistants-Kelly Sauer

Patricia Simms


ART  FESTIVAL SEPTEMBER 30TH, 11am to 5:30pm EMAIL,for forms.  raiNDATE October 1.  mEETINGS HELD AT  Fire hall number 1, on north king street, Gloucester city, nj.





















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