International Multicultural Studies

Special Interest Group (IMSSIG)

Advisory Board

Professor Stephen Palmer, Coaching Psychology Unit, City University, UK; NCWBLP Middlesex University, UK; Centre for Stress Management.

Dr Roy Moodley, Centre for Diversity in Counselling and Psychotherapy, Toronto University, Canada.


Update: Dr Pittu Laungani, Manchester University, UK: A Founder Advisor, now deceased.

Centre for Diversity in Counseling and Psychotherapy

Dr Roy Moodley is Co-ordinator of the recently established Centre for Diversity in Counselling and Psychotherapy at Tonronto University, Canada. It is an interdisciplinary centre dedicated to research and development of multicultural and diversity issues in counselling and psychotherapy, focussing particularly on the stigmatized social identities of gender, race, sexual orientations, class, disabilities, religion, and age. One of the key objectives of the Centre is to facilitate research and scholarship on the integration and intersection of various marginalised identities so that counselling and psychotherapy can be conducted through a paradigm of multiple identities irrespective of particular counselling approaches. The Centre is well positioned to undertake this mission as the majority of the faculty are already undertaking research and teaching in the various areas of diversity, and this expertise forms the basis for further research through funded and non-funded projects. The interdisciplinary nature of the Centre and the engagement of faculty collaboration promote a rich environment and a creative clinical niche within which graduate students can be nurtured. This exposure to discourses of cultural differences juxtaposed with a variety of holistic approaches to psychotherapy forms a critical base for the study of diversity in counselling. Click here for more.

Coaching Psychology Unit, City University, UK

The newly established Coaching Psychology Unit in the Department of Psychology, City University, London, UK, is the first university based coaching psychology unit in the UK, and the second in the world to be set up. It was launched at the British Psychological Society Special Group in Coaching Psychology Annual Conference on 19th December 2005. The unit will be researching into many aspects of coaching psychology and coaching theory and practice. It will also be reseaching into diversity and multicultural issues in the field of coaching in collaboration with the Centre for Diversity in Counseling and Psychotherapy. The Director is Professor Stephen Palmer.

The key research areas of the Unit will be:

o Developing the theory and practice of coaching  psychology

o Effectiveness of coaching and coaching psychology practice

o Return on Investment of coaching in organisations

o The adaptation of therapeutic approaches to the field of coaching

o Boundaries between coaching, coaching psychology, counselling and psychotherapy

o Coaching in multicultural settings, organisations and society

o Coaching to reduce stress and enhance performance

o Health coaching and wellbeing

o Positive psychology and coaching psychology