"Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think." -Albert Einstein



Amanda L. McKenney

English Language Arts Educator



"We need more people who specialize in the impossible"

- Theodore Roethke  

Thank you for visiting my professional website and e-folio. I am a graduate of the SUNY Cortland Master of Arts in Teaching Program for English Language Arts (7-12). On my website you will find my resume, which outlines a successful educational career as a student and a variety of diverse teaching experiences, along with my teaching and educational philosophies, sample unit plans and my own literacy projects.

Please email me with any questions.



  • Dynamic English Language Arts teacher with a progressive approach to literacy education.
  • Advocate of using a variety of collaborative teaching methods, texts, media resources and technology applications with students to enhance the learning process and create an authentic classroom community.



To secure a 7-12 English Language Arts teaching position.

*Adobe Reader and Word needed to access some of the documents on this website.