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Morpeth Chess Club meets every Wednesday (for exceptions, see the About Us page) at 7.15pm at Morpeth Rugby Club.  Go up the stairs to the first floor and you'll find us there.  This website has information for people wanting to join the club and info for people who just want to get better at chess

News update 13 May 2018

 - Congratulations to George Ellames - our 2017-18 club champion.  

- But time never stands still, and we have now moved on to our Summer Rapidplay competition - 30mins for each player to make all their moves with games played every Wednesday until the end of July.  You can play as many games as you can fit in on any evening.  Turn up to sign up!

Contact us

Club President   Les Whittle 

Club Secretary   David Watson 0191 280 1091

Website  James Turner  


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Morpeth Chess Club


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There's no better way to get better at chess than to join a club: you can never get the same enjoyment (or frustration!) playing on the internet.

If you live in Ashington, Blyth, Ponteland, Cramlington (or, of course, Morpeth), then we're your local club.  Give David or Les a call and come down one Wednesday.  We'll make sure that you get introduced to the regulars and set you up with a game.  We've got players of all standards from the so-so to the pretty decent, so unless you're either a complete beginner or a former junior international, there's bound to be someone at about your level.  If you are a former junior international, come down anyway: we'll make room for you on our A Team!


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