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"The tree of Authenticity must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of Farbs" Unknown

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Authentic Accoutrements for the

Colonial Militiaman of 1775


Here you will find handcrafted historical replicas that will fit your needs to portray an American Colonial Militiaman of the 18th century. All leather items are hand stitched and are carefully researched for authenticity, designed by a reenactor and heavily used by reenactors.


New Orders: 2017
Due to an overwhelming amount of customer orders in the first half of the year all orders are now taking longer than normal to complete. For new orders please check first for availability: mmarmoury@hotmail.com


Knapsack & Snapsack Alert!

All fabric products such as knapsacks, snapsacks, market wallets, and the Lottery coats will now be handled totally by my seamstress Brenda at her new site "Old Threads" oldthreads.net 
I am happy to be sending her off on her own business venture and wish her the best of luck as the reenacting community's newest sutler.


Alert:  Bayonet Scabbards are now temporarily unavailable. I will announce when I will be able to produce them again, there is no time estimate I can give when that will be.


British Ordinance Rifle Pouch

Check out the details in the Hunting Pouch section.

More photos coming soon!


Virginia Hunting Pouch



Introducing 18th Century Leather Fire Buckets!

The next MUST HAVE item on your list! Carefully researched for historical accuracy, entirely hand-stitched and fully waterproofed. Custom colors and artwork available. 
Prices start at $140.


New Sword Belts!

1700 Sword Belt for Plug Bayonet and 17th Century Baldric


They are here!


I am now taking orders for leather FIFE CASES.


Leather fife case is 18 inches long and 2.25 inches inside diameter, made of 8oz veg tan leather. Large enough to hold three or four standard sized fifes. Hemp rope strap. Standard colors: Black, Dark Brown, Natural. Custom colors available.

Large - $60
Small - $55


New Product!!

The Benjamin Fogg 1776 Cartridge Pouch

Details in "Cartridge Pouches"


New Product!

The Acton Cartridge Pouch 1775

Years of research has finally come full circle. 
Details in "Cartridge Pouches".


New Product!

The Lemuel Lyman Ball Pouch 1755

See details in "Hunting Pouches"


Custom Projects!
Special items I have made for customers.

Late 17th century sword baldric.

A Knife Sheath and Shoulder Carriage 
for an antique French Hunting Knife

Sheath for a customer's fascine knife

     I have been making replicas of New England militia cartridge boxes for about ten years now. It all started when I read that Captain Issac Davis of the Acton, Massachusetts, militia made up bayonets and cartridge boxes for the new minute company over the winter of 1774/75 to prepare for the coming conflict with the British forces in Boston. Yet after repeated searches and inquiries no one could give me details of what the cartridge boxes looked like and how they were constructed, all the experts on the subject were stumped. So I began my own research.

     My quest took me through numerous museums and into the private holdings of accoutrement collectors. And I began noticing a repeating pattern beginning to emerge with the cartridge pouches that could be attributed to early years of the American Revolution and to the New England area. I learned about the proper stitching techniques and about different leathers and their weights, about the wooden blocks that hold the delicate paper cartridges and the arrangement of the holes, how the blocks were cut and drilled by 18th century techniques.

     Over the years I gradually refined my work and now I have reached the pinnacle of what can be created from the designs. I have in these past years discovered the only known surviving cartridge box attributable to the Lexington militia and the events of April 19th 1775, and I have found more pouches that continue to repeat the designs I replicated here.

     I hand stitch all my boxes/pouches with waxed linen thread and I am now using mostly maple for the wood blocks and occasionally poplar where required. I don't do too many variations, only those that I know are historically accurate. I am not in the business to make money any way possible, I am out to convert the masses of reenactors to the accoutrements I feel they should be carrying.

David Hannon, MinuteMan Armoury

Email Address:  mmarmoury@hotmail.com

My Travelling Demonstration setup

Fort #4
June 2013

The new sutler wedge tent

Fort #4
June 2012
Everything is sagging because of the heavy rain we got that weekend

Spring 2012


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