A Critical Project of Denouncement

Letīs begin getting aware!!!



Dear students,the aim of this yearīs project is to choose one of the issues below and create a weblog through which you can deal,comment an do a research about one ,two or even all of the issues suggested.This year we will go one step beyond and we will create our own webpage with all the work you do and, in this way ,more people will get benefit of your research.You are older and more mature this year and thatīs the reason why I have selected this kind of material for you to get touched and conscious.Maybe you will learn many things that will change your views of life in a more positive and sympathetic ones.I hope you enjoy.Marisol.






 Animal suffering  links:

In these  webs you can learn about: 


  • -ethics and philosophy on animals
  • -animals rights
  • -animals used for clothing
  • -animals used for entertainment
  • -animals used for experimentation
  • -vegan/vegetarian option
  • -wildlife
  • -and more… 


Child abuse

Webs for search:

U.S. State Department Web site on human trafficking

Wikipedia Article: Trafficking in human beings

About.com article on modern slavery







In these webs you can learn about:

  • -Female genital mutilation
  • -child labour
  • -orphan and vulnerable children
  • -sexual exploitation
  • -violence
  • -and more…


Environmental issues

Webs for search:



http://ecoearth.info http://earthtrends.wri.com




In these webs you can learn about:


  • -global warming
  • -ocean&clean waters
  • -health&the environment
  • -nuclear weapons and energy waste
  • -and more…

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