Pet Chinchilla Care

   Information on Chinchillas as Pets                     

     This site was made to help you decide if a chinchilla is the RIGHT pet for you!

Please read the entire site before you make your decision.

A chinchilla is a LONG TERM commitment because of their 15-20 year lifespan. You have to think about where you will live for the next 15 years, and if you are prepared to keep your pet regardless of college, a move, a break-up, a new baby, or any other life change. 

Owning a chinchilla is like committing yourself to having a toddler for the next 20 years. He will get into everything, constantly put himself in danger, and never learn any better. If you think you can handle that part of it, read on.

A chinchilla is an expensive pet to maintain! Besides the cost of the animal itself, a decent sized cage and all the proper accessories will probably cost about 3 times the amount you pay for your pet. Vet care can quickly total into the hundreds for the smallest health issues, and a good exotics vet can be difficult to find in the first place. Monthly costs include pellets, hay, bedding, chew toys, healthy snacks, dust, etc. You should have money set aside for vet visits and keep emergency medical supplies on hand.

Check the PROS & CONS section first, and if you are still interested in chinchillas as a pet, keep reading. The best idea is to start gathering your supplies before you actually get the pet. Have the cage all ready and set up before you bring your new pet home. Find a vet familiar with chinchillas, and keep his number handy, just in case. If you prepare carefully, you will be that much more comfortable with your new pet once you bring them home.

Once you read this entire site, if you are still thinking that chinchillas are definitely the RIGHT choice for you, then start gathering your supplies and get ready to welcome your new pet home! 

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