IB Parents Organization Events, Boards and Committees




Yearly Events Supported by the IBPO


·        11 Board meetings (none in July) –The first Tuesday of every month and open to all IB parents

·        6 General Parent meetings (held immediately after Board meetings) – Speakers present on topics of interest to IB parents, for example, Parent Orientation to the IB and Middle Years programs, Junior/Senior Exam information, presentations by the different departments on their IB curriculum etc.

·        College SundaySeptember, a series of workshops for anyone interested in learning more about colleges, the application process and financial aid.

·        IB Information NightNovember, the IBPO supports Mira Loma faculty in providing information about the program to interested middle school students and their parents.

·        Alumni BreakfastDecember, last year’s graduates are invited back to receive their diplomas and certificates, see each other and pass on newly found wisdom and perspectives to current IB seniors and juniors.

·        Teacher Appreciation Breakfast January, parents prepare lunch for teachers.

·        SAT PracticeFebruary or March, a practice SAT session for any student, results are provided with high level feedback.

·        IB Exam proctor coordination – April and May.  Coordinate exams and parent volunteer to proctor the IB exams and the IB English oral exams.

·        Senior DinnerJune, IB seniors, parents, families and staff have a nice dinner and enjoy both student provided entertainment and recognition of students and their efforts over the last four years.


For more information about these events, see the description below of the committee that supports it.


Board and Committees


President: The IBPO president works closely with parents, IB faculty and Mira Loma staff to ensure good communication, mutual support and understanding.  The president chairs the Board meetings, facilitates programs with parents, provides the IBPO “voice” at a number of public events and is a signatory on IBPO checks.


Vice President: The IBPO vice-president supports the president as requested and may chair meetings or take on any of the President’s duties.  In addition this position purchases the savings bonds which the IBPO presents to students who achieve national recognition in competitions and awards.  The VP also updates the MLHS Profile, a one-page document sent with college applications to briefly describe the school.


Treasurer: The Treasurer is responsible for the IBPO budget and accounts.  The Treasurer also works with our tax accountant, tracks revenue and expenses, reports monthly on the organization’s financial status, and prepares letters of acknowledgement for donations to the organization.


Secretary: The Secretary takes notes at the Board meetings and maintains the official record of minutes.  The Secretary also is responsible for e-mailing minutes to Board members and sending out e-mail reminders for meetings. 


Past President: The previous president is a Board member, available to provide wisdom and advice.




Committees change as the needs of the IBPO change, however, for most there is a “recipe book” of notes kept by the committee, documenting the experience of previous committee chairs.


IB Proctor coordinator:  This important position is a main reason for the IBPO’s existence.  This position coordinates the IB English Oral and IB Exams proctors.  Typically, we have 34 exams and about 280 students registered.  We need 80 or so proctors to be in compliance with IB requirements.  Without parents volunteering to proctor the exams, the students are not able to take the IB exams.


Ways and Means: The IB Parents Organization is a non-profit organization and fund-raising is crucial to our ability to support the IB program, staff, and students to ensure its high standards.  This position is responsible for issuing a letter asking parents and alumnus for donations in the fall and spring.  The Treasurer tracks the donations and issues letters acknowledging the donations.


Funding Requests: A major function of the IBPO is financially supporting the IB program as needed,  typically through the purchase of books, supplies and equipment that aren’t covered by the School District budget.  Twice a year this committee approaches the teachers for any requests that they may have, presents these requests to the IBPO Board for approval and then completes the district procurement forms.  


IB Phone List/ Carpool List / Volunteer List: At the beginning of the year parents receive  IBPO forms which ask parents for contact information and to indicate their interest in volunteer activities.  In late August a deadline-driven group of parents coordinates extracting information from these forms and creates the various lists.  These lists are essential to parents and students as well as to the Board.


Communications /Bingo Liaison: If you are happy while talking on the phone, this is a good job for you!  This position is responsible for making phone requests, soliciting Bingo workers, and providing proctors for the English Oral Exams for Juniors in March and for the IB exams in May.  Volunteers are identified from the information provided by parents at the beginning of the year.


WebMaster: If you are computer savvy, there is a lot to do here – maintain and update the IBPO web site, maintain and monitor the group email.  It has also been very important to assist the IBPO in keeping up with technology developments that we may be able to use to benefit the program.


E-Group Message Coordinator:  IBPO maintains an e-mail group service for sending parents and students notices and reminders of interest to the IB community.  This position uses the school calendar and requests from committees to post timely email reminders to the e-group service.  At the start of the school year, email addresses are added to the PTSA and IBPO e-group e-mail list.


Information/Outreach: In the fall IBPO organizes outreach activities for prospective IB parents and students from area middle schools.  We publicize IB in middle school newsletters and participate in the information night at Mira Loma.  This position is responsible for publicity and working with the IB Coordinator.


Counseling/CAS: We assist in staffing the Career/Counseling Center, located in the library, which provides college search options, scholarship updates and career information to all students plus CAS information for IB students.  Often the parents in this position volunteer at lunch time (or organize other volunteers) to assist students with their research on colleges and financial aid.


Programs: The IB parents have six general parent meetings each school year.  This position determines what parents would like to know and arranges with our IB faculty, students, staff and other speakers to provide informational and entertaining programs.  In September this position sends out a postcard to all IB parents providing the schedule and topics for the year’s programs.


Hospitality: A number of IBPO sponsored events are improved by the presence of edibles.  The Hospitality Chair organizes the provision of food at a number of events, for example, IBPO program nights, Information night, Teacher Appreciation Lunch and the presentation of personal projects by Middle Years students.  The level of provisions varies by event and ranges from coffee and cookies to coordinating donations for a full-blown lunch for over 100 teachers and staff.


Churchill Liaison: IBPO endeavors to assist Churchill and Mira Loma in developing a seamless Middle Years program.  The Liaison attends board meetings for both the IBPO and the Churchill Middle Years Parent Board meetings.


Committees to Support Specific Events


College Sunday: College Sunday is a major event, which brings about 300 parents and students to the Mira Loma campus to attend a series of workshops covering a variety of topics for those interested in learning more about colleges, applying to colleges, financial aid and related topics.  This position requires a high level of organization and coordination to bring together presenters, schedules, facilities logistics, mailings, registration, organizing and directing other volunteers etc.  Usually College Sunday in undertaken by a committee with one or two chairs.


Practice SAT: In the spring the IBPO offers a practice SAT test in conjunction with one of the nationally known testing organizations.  The tests are actually monitored by staff from the English Department.  The responsibilities include coordinating with the testing organization, publicizing the event to students, and registering them on the day of the event.  The SAT and SAT II tests are given on a Saturday and, on a weekday evening, results are given to the students along with some discussion about how colleges use SAT scores and what they mean.


Alumni Breakfast: On the last Friday before Christmas vacation, the graduating class from the previous June is invited to a breakfast reunion where they receive their actual IB diplomas and provide information and insights on college to the current juniors and seniors.  This event usually has one or two chairs and a committee.  Activities include decorating, identifying volunteers to provide food and drinks, asking organizations for food donations, inviting alumni and honored guests, serving and cleaning up.


Teacher Appreciation Lunch: On the Friday after first term exams the IBPO and PTSA provide a lunch in appreciation of Mira Loma’s hardworking, dedicated teachers.  The Hospitality Chair may organize this event. Activities include decorating, identifying volunteers to provide food and drinks, asking organizations for food donations, serving and cleaning up.


Senior Dinner: In June, IB seniors and their families get together to celebrate the completion of the past four years.  This catered event occurs in a hotel and includes about 300 students, parents, siblings, staff and honored guests.  Organizing the event usually requires one or two chairs who organize volunteers to create and mail invitations, track responses, work with the hotel, provide oversight on a variety of details such as the student entertainment and assisting the faculty in preparing for awards.