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Press Services:
Press is an ongoing need for any artist.  After all, what is the first thing any music industry execs ask you for?  YOUR PRESS KIT!  Why?  Because PRESS IS ADVERTISING!  Therefore, at a quick glance an exec can establish how well known you are as an artist by the number of readers EACH publication has, where your markets are the strongest, and HOW WELL ADVERTISED you, your latest CD and/or your latest tour etc CURRENTLY are.  The amount of press you CURRENTLY have not only determines how well known you are, (fame factor), but also determines your viability and worth as an artist or act; as the bottom line in the music industry is CD sales or concert ticket sales.  Through the amount of press you have, (and what publications you have been CURRENTLY featured in), quickly lets any exec determine if you are a good investment for them and/or their company.
Absence in the music industry makes the hearts and minds of both fans and execs grow forgetful.  So it's imperative to have a regular amount of CURRENT press exposure.  This is true for either up and coming acts, and world renowned headlining acts.  And if you think about it, what better advertising is there for your latest CDs, upcoming tour, concert dates ect., than an ENTIRE ARTICLE published in hundreds to thousands (or more), publications nationally and worldwide PER ARTICLE?  There simply is none!  Therefore, our press services not only SAVES you an immense amount of money on advertising, our press services MAKES you money, by strategically listing where your CDs/music can be purchased, announcing upcoming tours and/or tour dates, booking info, etc., all while gaining you the press exposure you need to succeed. 
And you know our results are more than impressive and quite vast, making our press services a must have, very smart and cost effective investment in your career.
Press samples and publishing results can be seen via our "Press and Featured Artists" page.
Please compare our services, quality of our services, publishing results and prices with those of other PR firms.  ...We encourage this!  On average our articles are published in anywhere from HUNDREDS TO THOUSANDS of very esteemed publications both nationally and worldwide for EACH article!  (And sometimes even more!)  We deliver the kind of press that can quickly open doors and vastly increases your fame factor, increases CD sales, bookings, concert ticket sales and more.
Our prices for press services are: 
Only $600 for a single press service.  (Including no less than 10 paragraph strategically written article, containing info on where your CDs can be purchased, booking info and other vital info; worldwide press release to HUNDREDS of members of the press; and includes tracking and cataloguing the publishing results, with regular reports back to you for either the duration of circulation of the article, or up to 300 publications, or for one month, whichever comes first). 
Utilizing Your Press:
Media, Booking and/or Record Label Presentations:
Once we gain for you, your current CD and or tour etc., such an immense amount of high quality exposure and recognition, both nationally and worldwide, via our professional press services, the smart thing to do would be to strategically UTILIZE that press, (clout), towards gaining you media appearances, (TV and radio), increase your bookings, (giving your booking representative's contact information in these presentations), and/or to get you signed to the right record label.
We can comprise booking, record label and/or media presentations on you as an artist/band, and presenting your recent press and publishing results contained in those presentations, and send to HUNDREDS of our contacts, (either concert and festival promoters/talent buyers and venues to generate bookings), AND/OR send to our record label connections and/or major national media connections. 
Our price to comprise and produce these presentations, and send to our hundreds of our connections is priced at ONLY $300 EACH.
Corporate Sponsorship Presentation Packages:
A $2k presentation could potentially gain an artist/band HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of dollars or MORE in corporate sponsorship funding, PER SPONSOR, while still saving major companies an immense amount of money in advertising costs.  Not only do we devise custom corporate sponsorship presentatations that you can present to the corporations of your choice, as A BONUS, we also send these presentations out to a number of major companies that we already have connections and contacts with, to help you to potentially gain even more sponsorship funding.  If you think our articles are effective...YOU SHOULD SEE OUR CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP PRESENTATIONS! 
We offer corporate sponsorship presentation service to artists that order at least 2 or more articles, as we use your outstanding publishing results from our articles in our corporate sponsorship presentations. 
Note:  When making financial assessment of funds needed by the artist to present to potential corporate sponsors, we will include the price for your press as one of the costs, so not only could you potentially gain your entire amount back that you spend on press services, plus potentially gain tens of thousands to hundreds of thousand dollars or more PER SPONSOR for the advancement of your career, you could also have a great deal of future press services paid for in advance by sponsors to further your career faster! 
Other expenses we could seek sponsorship for in your corporate sponsorship presentation packages:
*Radio and/or media promotions
*Press campaigns
*Touring expenses, busses, travel expenses etc.
*Recording costs
*PR / promotional costs  (press kits, photos posters, merch, etc.)
*Video production
*Management services
*Miscellaneous expenses
*Whatever needs you would reasonably have as an artist.
Press Kits:
Professionally produced hard copy press kits:
Our's are normally $60-100 each (depending on how elaborate you choose to have them), and offer them in packages of 25, 50, 75, and /or 100 count. 
On the inside right pocket they contain a cover letter bearing the company logo, with endorsement from our company (for added clout, as our company has a well established and respected name throughout the music industry), a profile outline of your music and career, media appearances, credits etc., and of course, your press including our's and other's article(s) and publishing results, (to knock their socks off!), and professional contact information of your management and/or booking representatives etc.  (On the right hand side).  As well as your CD displayed in an insert that is secured to the package so that your press kit does not arrive at executive offices all disarrayed.  (As an exec myself, I hate it when a press kit arrives in my office and I have to take time out of my busy day to put a press kit back together just to take a look at it.  A professionally produced press kit speaks volumes about an artist's or band's level of professionalism).
On the left, your professional photos, rider and stage plot, (if applicable and/or required), and company and/or management and/or booking contact info on a label which is attached to the lower left side of the press kit.
On the front, attached is a label with your photo and name.  (So that even if they forget your name, they know who they are looking for by your face, CD cover or band logo.)
Electronic press kits.  
This saves you an enormous amount of both time and money, as sometimes execs want to see your information RIGHT NOW, rather than waiting for them to arrive in the mail.  (And in the music industry, absence makes the heart grow forgetful!)  And hard cover press kits are expensive to produce, and are expensive to send through the mail; so when possible, the use of a professionally produced EPK is advisable, and can be implemented in online presentations for booking, media, record labels, presentations to potential sponsors, etc.
Here is a sample of one of our 4 page EPK.  Southpaw | Electronic Press Kit  
Notice the features...
Page 1...
*Company logo and representation. 
*Photo of the band.
*Brief description of the bands sound and history/bio.
*3 song sound sample/virtual demo.
*Company and other endorsement list.
*Extras (Introduction of individual band members).
Page 2...
*Listing articles and their publishing results.
*Place for listing media appearances
Page 3...
*Technical rider/backiline
*Hospitality rider
*Stage plot
*Technical concerns contact info
(Notice this rider is a simple rider.  Some can be quite complex.  Prices will increase by the complexity of the artist's/band's rider, as the more complex, the more work, on our part, is required.)
Page 4...
List and contact info of:
*Booking contact
*Responsible Agent
*Press and Media Relations
*Technical Advisor
*Other professional links and link to My Space and Bands Official Website.
All put together and presented in a sharp, professional and even color coordinated manner, making an impressive presentation to executives. 
Prices for our professional EPK's start at $800 and go up, depending on how much work is put in to them, as such as the amount of work from one's riders, etc.  (The riders illustrated in this sample are simple ones, and for riders similar to this one would not require any extra charge.) 
...Prices depend on the size and details of the custom website desired. 
To check out a sample of our websites, well, you're looking at one.
We can custom design your's any way thay YOU would like your's.
Attention Reputable Record Labels: 
Mindsweep Entertainment & Promotions only works with THE BEST and MOST PROFESSIONAL performers ranging from world renowned headliners, to the best up and coming acts in a wide array of genres.  If you are looking for high caliber performers to sign to your labels, we would be glad to turn you on to a number of great performers that ALREADY HAVE a great deal of promotional, press and/or media work already completed.  (Which of course saves you an immense amount of money on promoting outstanding new signees.)
If you would like press services for your artists, (and EVERY artist needs press as you know), we can provide high quality strategic press services individually for your artists, as well as provide compilation press services for ALL of your artists at once, as well as provide high quality press services/advertising for YOUR LABEL.
Attention Talent Buyers, Concert Promoters, Event Coordinators: 
Again, PRESS IS ADVERTISING, and just as every artist needs press and/or advertising to gain optimal success, SO DOES EVERY EVENT!  And we at Mindsweep Entertainment & Promotions would be glad to provide our high quality and highly effective press services to advertise your upcoming events; which will save you an immense amount of money on advertising, while gaining you an immense amount of press exposure. 
For Media:
For media professionals seeking outstaing performers that are super HOT in the press, (and not just the same old artists overly saturated in tabloids), for your TV and radio programming, we at Mindsweep Entertainment & Promotions will not only keep you abreast of the artists we are currently running press on, (via sending 'you heads' up presentations featuring those artist's latest press and publishing results); but chances are, (schedule permitting), we can also get them for you for your programming!  So give us a call today.
For Corporate Sponsors:
For corporate sponsors seeking THE RIGHT artists to sponsor, we at MIndsweep offer up to 6 outstanding and unbeatable sponsorship options for our corporate sponsor clients/alliances, which saves them MILLIONS of dollars in advertising!  Considering we at Mindsweep only work with the most talented, marketable and most professional artists, and considering that EACH of our articles that we produce for those artists are featured in hundreds to thousands or MORE publications nationally and worldwide PER ARTICLE; and considering that it is essential that EVERY professional artist or band receives regular amounts of CURRENT press on an ONGOING basis, is only ONE element that insures maximum advertising exposure for you as a corporate sponsor when you are listed as such, (with a link to your corporate website included), in that artist's press.  But of course, we offer SO MUCH MORE for our corporate connections/clients in our corporate sponsorship presentations.  
If you are searching for THE RIGHT artists and/or bands to sponsor, please give us a call, and we will be glad to turn you on to a number of outstanding performers that we already have presentations prepared for, or we can discuss customized sponsorship options and prepare any artist with an offer from you!     
Photography and/or Videography Services:
Prices assessed and based on travel, expenses and other determining factors.
Photo Editing Services: 
Had a 'bad hair day' on your last photo shoot?  We at Mindsweep Entertainment & Promotions can produce amazing, professional and undetectable photo editing results!  Fair and affordable prices based on the amount of work put into the project.
Covers, Posters and other graphic arts services: 
Mindsweep Entertainment & Promotions produces very professional and high quality CD covers, posters and 'other' graphic arts services.  Fair and affordable prices based on the amount of work put into the project.
We at Mindsweep Entertainment & Promotions take pride in our work, and believe in providing excellent, high quality, professional services to artists at very fair and reasonable prices regardless of how well known in the industry an artist is.  Our promises to you is we will never jack up our prices just because you are a well established act.  Our prices are as affordable as possible to allow outstanding up and coming artists to prosper in the music industry.  We at Mindsweep Entertainment & Promotions always serve both well established and great up and coming acts with integrity, fair prices, professional, high quality services, dedication and the respect that they deserve.
Give us a call today at 904-342-2786 or 706-841-2502, and we will be more than glad to give you a fair listen, and consider working with you.  Open Monday - Saturday 10 AM - 10 PM.  No walk-ins allowed.  Consultations strictly by appointment only.  All services are performed on a first come, first serve basis.