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Message                                                                                         Updated on 20th May, 2016

 Now the age is changing greatly and various energies in the world are moving toward somewhere. Environmental problems, the race problems, a lot of social problems etc...Various powers are running against each other and we're in chaos. Something is crazy. Something is lacking.

I suppose it's because that our natural emotions have been oppressed by a lot of information and a rapid science development. We're a part of nature as well as life in nature. We should express naturally like trees grow up for lights. We can change ourselves by taking back such a buried heart to love others, respect nature, express freely, etc. And it would be the energy to open the new age soon.

The theme of my work is based on such a power of nature and this age. I think art is the precious power hidden in the world. It's the only world in which we can express our emotions freely with colors, forms, sounds, words, etc. It will bring us a new power and a new discovery by stimulating each other. Art is a common language. I want to unite the world and make it peaceful with a power of Art. That's why I keep on creating my own Art.

By Miki Meguro



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Tokyo International Art Fair

May 26th 27th

Booth Number 95

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Art Shopping / Carrousel du Louvre in Paris

10/21,22, 23 Salon Art Shopping in Paris
Place Carrousel de Louvre in Paris
My booth : B79
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 Move in Berlin
Preview: May 22nd from 5pm. Exhibition:May 23rd to July 2nd
Open:Mon. Wed. Fri. Sat.11-15,
Kunstgalerie Prinz
Kladower Damm 97, 14089 Berlin, Germany
More info :www.kunstgalerie-prinz.de


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