Season 4

Season 4

Folk Tales for Fun

(Our 28th Production)

June 15-24, 2012

Teller 1----Kathy Elbert

Teller 2----Olivia Nelson

Decipher----Alexandra Briseno

'I Don't Know"----Tom DeWitt


Tom Cathey, Martell Coker, John Liskey, Anaiis Kosaga, Scout Nelson,

Katie Sundeen, Grace Townley, Jonathan Townley, Nick Vogel


The Tale of Snow White

(Our 27th Production)

March 16-25, 2012


Mother----Emily Stevens

Josh----Forrest Colson

Peggy Sue----Elizabeth Bungard

Young Queen, Tall Dwarf----Tevy Hambric

King----Nick Vogel

Evil Queen----Brooke Niska

Young Snow White, Prince Charming's Man, Flip----Sophie Spano

Prince Charming, Kip----Jackson Grabill

Prince Charming's Man, Chip---Lena Oslund

Combat Hero Prince, Tip----Brandon Lee

Combat Hero Prince's Man, Pip, Fruit Peddler----Ben Homminga

Combat Hero Prince's Man, Wild Pig, Zip ----Jarrett Thompson

Doctor, DNR Representative----Nicole Clyne

Mirror----Jaleigh Keyes

Mirrorette, Big Mike----Adele Colson

Martha, Angel Huntsman, Ribbon Peddler----Megan Grabill

Mirrorette, Meredith----Olivia Schafer

Judy----Emma Gorbe

Maureen---- Olivia Szarowicz

Mary----Brianna Fish

Molly----Hannah Oslund

Huntsman----Andrew Fish

Devil Huntsman, Comb Peddler----Mia Grant

Skunk----Anderson Stevens

Deer----Ella Fish

Little Bird----Fiona Colson

Villager 1----Sarah Milner

Villager 2----Faith Moore

Villager 3----Alexis Moore

Villager 4----Anaiis Kasoga


Murder Me Always

Dessert Theatre

March 9-10, 2012


Actors' Showcase

(Our 26th Production)

February 10-19, 2012


Nicole Clyne – “Letter from a Stranger”; “Voice and Counter Voice, the Cast List”; “Who is Strongest?”

Tyrah Daniel – “Moving Blues”; “Who is Strongest?”; “Go Green!”

Catrice Ferguson – “Mirror, Mirror”, “Who is Strongest?”; “Go Green!”

Cassidy Gardner – “Mirror, Mirror”; “Voice and Counter Voice, the Cast List”; “If Wishes Were Houses”

Mia Grant – “Mirror, Mirror”; “Talk to Me”; “Go Green!”

Amy Graham – “Remote Control”; “Miraculous Miranda”; “Go Green!”

Katie Graham – “Remote Control”; Miraculous Miranda”; “Go Green!”

Jaleigh Keyes – “Remote Control”; “Mirror, Mirror”; "Wolf Down and Pig Out”

Jennifer Keyes – “Mirror, Mirror”; "Wolf Down and Pig Out”

Audrey Knapman – “Miraculous Miranda”; “If Wishes Were Houses”; “Who is Strongest?”

Ralph Maldonaro – “Ribbons”; “The Stockbroker and the Fairy Godmother”; “Go Green!”

Juliana Markham – “Remote Control”; “Talk to Me”; “If Wishes Were Houses”

Claire McCabe – “Mirror, Mirror”; “Voice and Counter Voice, the Cast List”; “Who is Strongest?”

Noah McPherson – “Moving Blues”; “Mirror, Mirror”

Maddie Membiela – “Letter from a Stranger”; “Voice and Counter Voice, the Cast List”; “Who is Strongest?”

Hannah Oslund – “Miraculous Miranda”; “If Wishes Were Houses”; “Who is Strongest?”

Joy Oslund – “Letter from a Stranger”; “Moving Blues”; “Who is Strongest?”

Lena Oslund – “Ribbons”; “Moving Blues”; “Who is Strongest?”

Stephanie Reid – “The Stockbroker and the Fairy Godmother”; “Mirror, Mirror”

Anderson Stevens – “Go Green”; “Who is Strongest?”

Emily Stevens – “Go Green”; “Who is Strongest?”; “Mirror, Mirror”

Melissa Vainer – “Miraculous Miranda”; Mirror, Mirror”; “If Wishes Were Houses”

Nick Vogel – “Letter from a Stranger”; “Remote Control”; “Go Green!”


The Goblins and the Gravedigger/

The Christmas Coat

(Our 25th production)

December 2-11, 2011


Antonio Bellosillo -Young Gabriel/Gentleman

Sabrina Boxer - Goblin/Townsperson

David Brooks - Mr. Benchley/Townsperson

Laura Brooks - Mrs. Keppler/Townsperson

Nicole Clyne - Mrs. Sweeny/Townsperson

Martell Coker - Eddie/Townsperson

Adele Colson - Townsperson/Maggie

Fiona Colson - Townsperson/Townsperson

Forrest Colson - Townsperson/Dick

Erin Deal - Goblin/Townsperson

Emma Gorbe - Townsperson/Townsperson 

Kate Graham - Sissy/Townsperson

Mia Grant - Townsperson/Townsperson

Jaleigh Keyes - Susie/Townsperson

Jacqui Marpa - Nora/Townsperson

Claire McCabe - Tina/Townsperson

Lena Oslund - Townsperson/Townsperson

Alayna Peterson - Townsperson/Townsperson

Diane Petryk - Mrs. Dribb/Townsperson

Olivia Schafer - Goblin/Townsperson

Nicole Steffens - Townsperson/Townsperson

Rachael Steffens - Ella/Townsperson

Abbie Stumpff - Mrs. Tippler/Townsperson

Melissa Vainner - Townsperson/Townsperson

Sophia Vitello - Mrs. Windom/Townsperson

Julie Waterbury - Townsperson/Mrs. Sullivan

Marah Waterbury - Townsperson/Townsperson

The Man with the Camera

(Our 24th production)

October 7-16, 2011


Steve Adam - Homer Folks, ensemble

Willam Beam - Lewis Hine

Patrick Homminga - Alexander McKelway

Diane Petryk-Bloom - Florence Kelley

Oralia Cooper - Jane Addams

Kathy Sodman - Lillian Wald

Juan Bonetti - Ensemble

Laura Brooks - Ensemble

Alma Cooper - Ensemble

Julian Deines - Ensemble

Mia Grant - Ensemble

Aly Homminga - Ensemble

Ben Homminga - Ensemble

Sarah Milner - Ensemble

Faith Moore - Ensemble

Alayna Peterson - Ensemble

Kyle Sodman - Ensemble


Go West!

(our 23rd production)

August 5-14, 2011


Andrew Alchin                                           Piper Elliot

Caroline Alchin                                Elizabeth Kostina

Annabel Allen                                          Abby Roney

Vivian Alward                                      Paige Scholten

Elizabeth Bungard                              Amber Sodman

Cassidy Clevenger                                 Kyle Sodman

Katie Clevenger                               Emma Stevenson

Cassidy Elliot                               Kaleel VanVoorhees

                                                                   Marah Waterbury

The story of Go West! : There's gold in them thar hills! Gold has been discovered in the hills of California. Land is being given away to settlers willing to make a fresh start in the newly explored regions of the American West. Cowpokes and miners, farmers and trappers, gamblers and adventurers of all kinds are making their way west to chase the promise of the American Dream. They come by way of wagon train, horseback, stream boat and rail.

Go West combines music, history and drama to explore important facts about the westward expansion of early United States and discovers that real gold is not always the kind made into ingots and baubles. Real gold is discovered in the ideas and inspiration derived from new lands, fresh starts and attainable dreams abundant in the promises of the land of the free.  

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