Season 1

Season 1

      The Pied Piper   

Dick Whittington and His Cat

(our eighth production)

June 19-28, 2009

"The Pied Piper"  Directed by David Brooks

Katie - Katie Parks

Widow Werner - Carol Ray

Mayor - Ralph Maldonado

Pied Piper of Hamelin - Taylor Murphy

Townschildren - Dora Ivkovich, Connor McCue, Jonan Muhammad, Curtis Stork, Jacob Thomas

Townspeople - Rob Boes, Beth Murphy, Lisa Parks, Zack Polk, Stephanie Wagner, Trent Wakenight

Towns council - Bill Gordon, Chuck Sartorius, Shelby Wakenight

"Dick Whittington and His Cat" Directed by Bill Gordon

Dick Whittington - Connor McCue

Kate - Carol Ray

Sely - Shelby Wakenight

Girl with the Cat - Taylor Murphy

Peddler Johnny - Trent Wakenight

Mr. Fitzwarren - Ralph Maldonado

Alice - Katie Parks

                       Sammy Carducci's Guide to Women

(our 7th production)

By Ronald Kidd

May 30-31, 2009

Sammy Carducci - Ben Vasquez

Becky Davidson - Lindsey Hirt

Alice Biddle - Marjie Clay

Gus Gaffney- Aaron Baumgarten

Kevin Reynolds - Jordon Walling


                 The Trial of the Big Bad Wolf 

By Joseph Robinette

(our 6th production)

April 24-May 3, 2009


Reporter, member of the press  -- Paige Scholten

Newscaster, member of the press -- Rachel Simpson

Town Crier, member of the press -- Phillis Chirico

Clerk, a court official -- Lisa Funkhouser

Amadeus Pig, a plaintiff -- Hannah Lentz

Marcellus Pig, a plaintiff -- Cecilia Gentilozzi

Bartholomew Pig, a plaintiff -- Devon Brooks

Wallington Wellington Wolf the Third, the defendant -- Brennan Hattaway

Little Miss Muffet, member of the jury -- Hannah Jones

Little Red Riding Hood, member of the jury -- Olivia Jones

Old King Cole, member of the jury -- Sandi Sigworth

Jack, member of the jury -- Kyle Sodman

Jill, member of the jury -- Amber Sodman

Mistress Mary, member of the jury -- Shelby Wakenight

Little Bo Peep, member of the jury -- Natalia Walter

Jack Sprat, member of the jury -- David Brooks

Mrs. Sprat, member of the jury -- Beatrice Haman

Tom, Tom the Piper's Son, member of the jury -- Cody Wakenight

Humpty Dumpty, member of the jury -- Maddie De Clercq

Cinderella, member of the jury -- Grace McElhone

Wise O. Al, the judge -- Ralph Maldonado

Girl, a surprise witness -- Cami Sigworth

Jack be Nimble, an alternate of the jury -- Dora Ivkovich

Old Mother Hubbard, an alternate of the jury -- Kathy Sodman

The Queen of Hearts, an alternate of the jury -- Jaleigh Keys

Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater, an alternate of the jury -- Aly Homminga

Little Jack Horner, an alternate of the jury -- Ben Homminga

Wee Willie Winkie, an alternate of the jury -- Aubrey Friedrich


          Tales from the Brothers Grimm

By Doug Goheen

(our 5th production) 

February 27-March 8, 2009


Jacob Grimm - Rob Boes

Wilhelm Grimm - Will Cruitt

Donkey - Brianna Aldrink

Mistress - Bridget Taylor

Cat - Emma Busch

Dog - Cecila Gentilozzi

Rooster - Hannah Lentz

Robber one - Shelby Wakenight

Robber two - Erin Harrington

Hans - Matias Brimmer

Mistress - Bridget Taylor

Horseman - Conner McCue

Horse - Cody Wakenight

Maid - Erin Harrington

Cow - Andreas Brimmer

Butcher - Mitch Rice

Pig - Jaleigh Keyes

Lass - Cassidy Gardner

Goose - Danielle Aldrink

Scissors-Grinder - Kylee Tolliver

Mother - Stephanie Wagner

Fisherman - Pablo Pido

Flounder - Jaleigh Keyes

Fisherman's wife - Lisa Funkhouser

Adeline - Theresa Taylor

Shoemaker - Pablo Pido

Shoemaker's wife - Stephanie Wagner

Frau - Kylee Tolliver

Elf 1 - Emma Busch

Elf 2 - Cecilia Gentilozzi

Elf 3 - Danielle Aldrink

Elf 4 - Cody Wakenight

Gentleman - Byron Aldrink

Father - Byron Aldrink

Mother - Lisa Funkhouser

Son one - Conner McCue

Son two - Mitch Rice

Simpleton - Andreas Brimmer

Old woman - Theresa Taylor

Innkeeper - Bridget Taylor

Daughter 1 - Brianna Aldrink

Daughter 2 - Cassidy Gardner

Daughter 3 - Hannah Lenz

Parson - Erin Harrington

Sexton - Kylee Tolliver

King - Pablo Pido

Queen - Stephanie Wagner

Princess - Shelby Wakenight

Court Jester - Cody Wakenight

Magician - Cody Wakenight

Puppeteer - Danielle Aldrink

Juggler - Matias Brimmer


A Christmas Carol  

                by Charles Dickens             

(our 4th production)

December 12-21, 2008


 Bob Cratchit - Mike Sobocinski

Mrs. Cratchit - Lisa Funkhouser

Tiny Tim - Jackson Hall / Kyle Sodman

Peter - Heath Sartorius

Belinda - Heather Wood / Erin Deal

Martha - Katie Panter / Shelby Wakenight

Edward - Gabriel Maldonado / Cody Wakenight

Elizabeth - Erin Panter / Megan Deal

Ebenezer Scrooge - Chuck Sartorius

Fred - Tom Shauver

Marley's Ghost - Ralph Maldonado

Ghost of Christmas Past - Ania Piecuch

Ghost of Christmas Present - Beatrice Haman

Young Scrooge - Kyle Sodman / Jacob Karl

Fan, Scrooge's sister - Ashley Corr / Molly Gadola

Schoolchild 1 - Alyssa Ghose / Olivia Hinterman

Schoolchild 2 -  Aly Homminga / Jaleigh Keyes

Schoolchild 3 - Mae Bennett / Ellin Karl

Mr. Fezziwig - Ralph Maldonado

Mrs. Fezziwig - Beatrice Haman

Young Scrooge - Tom Shauver

Dick Wilkins - Nick Bennett

Charlotte - Savannah Smith

Fiddlers - Ellie Sartorius and Stephanie Wagner

Dancers - members of the ensemble

Ghost of Christmas Future - Ania Piecuch

Joe - Ralph Maldonado

Charwoman - Beatrice Haman

Laundress - Savannah Smith

Undertaker's Man - Tom Shauver

Business women - Margaret Seres-Burkart and Beth Murphy

The Ensemble - Mae Bennett, Ashley Corr, Molly Gadola,

 Alyssa Ghose, Beatrice Haman, Jessica Hinterman, Olivia Hinterman,

Aly Homminga, Ellin Karl, Jacob Karl, Beth Murphy, Anika Schubert,

Margaret Seres-Burkart, and Savannah Smith. 


  A Fairy Tale Trio
{Happily Never After, Big Red Riding Hood, Hairum Scarum}
(our 3rd production)
By Tim Kelly/Harold Cable/Christina Hamlett

November 1-8, 2008 


"Big Red Riding Hood"

Rosetta Hood - Rachel Simpson

Mrs. Hood - Susan Donohue

Granny - Beatrice Haman

Schuyler Wolfe - Rob Boes

Grandpa Wolfe - David Brooks

Charlie Hunter - Ralph Maldonado

"Happily Never After"

Counselors - Susan Donohue and Tandy Bidinger 

Scribe - Ralph Maldonado

Prince Charming - Rob Boes

Cinderella - Lindsey Hirt

Stepsister One - Ania Piecuch

Stepsister Two - Rachel Simpson

Stepmother - Beatrice Haman

Prince Ling - Josh Parks

Sleeping Beauty - Michaela Strand

Pond Princess - Katie Parks

Frog Prince - Luke Donohue

Snow White - Audrey Yonkus

"Hairum Scarum"

Olivia - Susan Donohue

Hilda - Ania Piecuch

Goldilocks - Lindsey Hirt

Rapunzel - Heather Simpson

Cinderella - Michaela Strand

Briar Rose - Katie Parks

Alice - Audrey Yonkus 


Snow White and Friends

(our  2nd production)

by Craig Sodaro

September 18 - 21, 2008


 A modern retelling of the classic fairytale.

A delight for all ages.


Miss Peach: Samantha Stein 

Queen: Christina Fisk

Servant: Stephanie Wagner

Mirror: Kylee Tolliver

Snow White: Iris Raine

Gargoyles: Ashley Corr, Katie Parks

Prince Charming: Tom Shauver

Huntsman: Rob Boes

Animal 1: Mackenzie Winkler

Animal 2: Lizzy Havey

Animal 3: Johnna Cassity

Arnold: Ralph Maldonado

Rembrandt: Sydney Winkler

Juliet: Marjie Clay

Einstein: Kyle Sodman

Scrooge: Abigail Baron

Pythagoras: Aaron Baumgarten / Josh Parks

Wimpy: Jackson Hall

Old Hag: Noreen Boes

Paramedic: Stephanie Wagner

                                Announcer's Voice: Bill Gordon

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

By Roald Dahl: adapted by Richard R. George

(our 1st production)

August 14-24, 2008


Character                       Gold Cast                  Diamond Cast

Violet Beauregard         Amber Sodman          Faith Halick

Mrs. Beauregarde          Beth Murphy              Beth Murphy

Charlie Bucket               Aaron Baumgarten    Ben Vasquez

Mr. Bucket                      Andrew Fedewa         A. Fedewa

Mrs. Bucket                    Taylor Murphy            T. Murphy

Augustus Gloop             Brenden Colvin          Ray Duncan

Mrs. Gloop                       Laura Brooks             L. Brooks

Grandma Georgina         Noreen Boes              Ellie Sartorius              

Grandpa George             David Boes                 Chuck Sartorius                      

Grandma Josephine       Kathy Sodman           Norma Taylor

Grandpa Joe                   David Brooks             D. Brooks

Veruca Salt                      Kyria Shoemaker       Emily Hadick

Mr. Salt                             Ken Glynn                  Ken Glynn

Mrs. Salt                           Michelle Pischea       Mary Hadick

Mike Teavee                    Kyle Sodman             Taylor Grenawalt

Mrs. Teavee                    Kylee Tolliver              K. Tolliver

Mr. Teavee                       Jordan Walling           J. Walling

Willy Wonka                    Mike Sobocinski         Mike Sobocinski

Narrator                          Alyssa Baumgarten    Ashley Corr

Narrator                         Miranda Lynch             Ali Crim

Narrator                         Ania Piecuch               Heath Sartorius

Narrator                        Tori Terrazas                 Emily Rapson

Narrator                         Shelby Wakenight       Izzy Taylor

Oompa-Loompa           Wilson Colvin              Johanna Cassidy

Oompa-Loompa            Joseph Holloway        Brady Clifford

Oompa-Loompa            Cullen Lynch               Conor Clifford

Oompa-Loompa            Anika Shoemaker      Jackson Hall

Oompa-Loompa            Sophia Shoemaker     Lizzy Havey

                                                                          Megan Rapson

Aesop’s (Oh So Slightly) Updated Fables

By Kim Esop Wylie

Staged Reading

February 15-17, 2008


Andreas Brimmer, Matias Brimmer, Rayna Caskey, Cecilia Gentilozzi, Viviana Glesen, Tristan Martin, Libby Grossman, Bethany Holloway, Joseph Holloway, Tim Lewis, Taylor Murphy, Beth Murphy, Jackie Payne, Ania Piecuch, Cami Rapson, Emily Rapson, Megan Rapson, Jessica Rendon, Chuck Sartorius, Heath Sartorius


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