Upcoming Auditions: The Canterville Ghost Sept. 5 and 6, 2017

Roles in The Canterville Ghost

The Otis Family

Hiram Otis Practical no-nonsense individual wealthy American Businessman

Miriam Otis Even more practical, an Anglophile, Hiram’s wife

William / Willa Otis 15 years old eldest child

Virginia Otis 14 years old, endlessly thoughtful and compassionate

Iggy / Izzy Otis 12 years old, mischievous twin

Gabby / Gabe Otis 12 years old, talkative twin


Lord or Lady Canterville Ethical and downtrodden owner of Canterville Chase

Duke Charles 14 years old – young man smitten with Virginia

Lady Jane Charles’s guardian; very “veddy” British

Elizabeth 14 years old – Virginia’s confidante

Vivian or Vivien 12 years old – Twins’ engaging equally mischievous friend

Kathryn 12 years old – Twin’s friend; very proper and easily shocked

Servants at Canterville Chase (British)

Henry British Butler – nothing fazes him served at Canterville Chase forever

Mrs. Umney Older, mysterious maid who has been at Canterville Chase forever

Cook Chortle M or F new to Canterville Chase, a great non-believer in ghosts

Cook Crushy F the third in a series of cooks, terrified of her shadow

The Ghost (a past Lord Canterville); you think he enjoys his ghostly missions but is growing tire of the haunting but has no means to escape

Gypsies who live on the Ground of Canterville Chase

Dumken fortune teller

Lyanka exacting

Tawno / Tawny M or F smarter than he/she appears

Auditioning for MMFT

for the Mid Michigan Family Theatre

Mid Michigan Family Theatre holds open auditions for the majority of its shows. They consist of cold readings from the scripts along with other activities chosen by the director. These might include announcing a prepared monologue, improvisations, or something similar. Unless noted, auditions are for all ages.

Actors are expected to come in 10-15 min. before the scheduled time in order to fill out paperwork and leave when dismissed by the director.  Please be punctual.  

Please look at our website for information on specific roles in our plays.

If you have any questions, please contact the director, Bill Gordon at (517) 339-2145.

A Note on Production Fees:

Like other sports and recreation programs for young people, there is a participation fee to be in the production. We charge reasonable, modest fees. With these fees you will receive a script, costumes, props, and help with overall production costs. Adults will not be assessed a production fee but are asked to help mentor younger actors and / or help with production duties such as costuming, set building, etc.  Thank you.

Welcome to the MMFT!

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