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Auditions for Winter Play Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Auditions for our Christmas play: Tuesday, October 10 starting at 6:30. 2630 Bennett Road, Okemos. Great story with roles for all ages.
Mid Michigan Family Theatre
(A theatre for Meridian Township, Ingham County and the surrounding Area)
Located in Okemos at 2630 Bennett Road in the 2/42 Community Building.
Imagine combining the fun of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever with the traditional Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens and you will have a delightful play to show the audience.
Announcing auditions and crew call for The Bullies’ Christmas Carol for all ages 8 through adult. Families are encourages to audition together.
We are looking for cast and crew members for the show. We will meet on Tuesday, October 10 starting at 6:30 at our theatre space. Young people not wanting to act are encouraged to apply for one of the many backstage positions such as costuming, set painting, ushering, and more. Please come to this meeting.
If you are interested but have a conflict with the audition date, please contact the director, Bill Gordon ahead of time to work things out: mmftokemos@yahoo.com. Phone (517 339-2145)
We will charge a $25.00 participation fee which you will receive a script and two $7.00 tickets. Scholarships are available.
Rehearsal days are and times are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:30 to 8:00.
Production schedule: Thursday, December 7 through Sunday, December 10, 2017.

About the Play
The Bullies' Christmas Carol
Terrible twins Ebbie and Neezer bully their classmates, steal toys from homeless children, and do everything they can to ruin the school's annual All-Inclusive, Non-Specific Holiday Celebration. But when three goofy ghosts show the siblings the past, present, and future consequences of their awful deeds, they take another look at their choices. Will the badly behaved duo change their ways in time to save the big show--and themselves? A twist on a classic holiday tale sure to delight naughty and nice kids alike.
See character description on reverse side

Grant from Consumers Energy Will Go Toward Summer Production Fees

Thanks to a grant from Consumers Energy, MMFT will reduce the summer production fees by one half allowing more participants in its summer plays. The grant was through the efforts of Charles Sartorius who worked with MMFT by putting in many volunteer hours. Thanks go out to Charles and Consumers Energy for their contributions to the theatre.

Thank you for your interest in MMFT!

We are located at 2630 Bennett Road in Okemos in the 2/42 Community Church Activities Building near the intersection of Bennett and Hulett Rds.  Our group presents several plays each year involving youth and adults of all ages.  Our aim is to provide opportunities for families, children, teens, and adults to have fun and learn about acting and theatre.

                                                                            Where We Stand.

We're Mid Michigan Family Theatre where great theatre experiences for the whole family exist. We offer opportunities in acting, education, and audience particpation. At the same time, participants develop life skills such as public speaking, self-confidence, self-esteem, rule and direction following as well as the ability to show empathy.

Reimagining the Mid Michigan Family Theatre

January 1, 2017

With the coming of the New Year, we have the opportunity to look at the past and to contemplate the future. After the completion of our last show, A Christmas Quartet, four one-act plays of Christmas, I had the chance to sit down with a couple of colleagues and discuss where the theatre stood and more importantly where do we want it to go. It was a lively discussion and much came from the meeting. Here are some highlights and /or thoughts about what is happening with MMFT.

  1. Relocation - We have reached an arrangement with the 2/42 Community Church to rent out space in their activities’ building which is located at the corner of Bennett and Hulett Roads in Okemos. It is next to the main 2/42 Church which is at 2600 Bennett Road. We are in the process of moving all of our costumes, sewing, props, etc. to our new space. We still have much to be moved, sorted, tossed, and put away.
  2. Show Considerations - We came to the agreement that we want to develop a plan to present plays that fall into three categories.

#1 Children Productions. These would be plays in which beginning and developing actors could participate. In many cases there would not be a need for children to audition because roles could be determined during the rehearsal process. The more experiences actors in the group would be assigned the more challenging roles and the beginning actors would develop their acting skills while performing smaller roles.

#2 Child-focused plays. These plays may or may not include adult actors. Standard audition procedures would apply. Children not cast in the play would be referred to the children’s productions. Adults not cast would be informed of the next child-focused or adult-focused plays.

#3 Adult-focused plays. These plays may or may not include children in the cast. They will be plays that focus on themes interesting to the theatre public. Due to our mission of presenting family friendly shows, the content will go along with that idea.

  1. Auditioning Procedures – We will continue to use standard auditioning procedures for many of our shows. This will include the Child-focused and adult-focused plays. The more common form we use is the cold reading technique. Actors will be given a side from the play (sheet of dialogue from a scene) and then be asked to read it with a small group of people. On rare occasions we will ask for actors to have a memorized monologue to present to the director. These allow the director to see a “live” character that shows facial expressions and body language as well as presenting a voice for a character.
  1. Educational purpose - We decided that we need to reexamine our focus on what we want our production process. We want our actors to improve their acting skills, understand the commitment necessary to acting, to utilize the rehearsal time to its fullest. In the past we had many young people see rehearsals as a time to play, run-around, socialize with others, while neglecting to learn lines, bring in necessary materials, etc. Our emphasis moving forward will be to learn lines, develop characters, and understand the demands of a production. There will still be time for socializing and having fun, but these will come through theatre games and planned activities in the rehearsal process.
  1. Seeking volunteers – Any successful organization benefits from the work of their volunteers. We are currently in a position where we need to replace some of our board members and others who have moved on to other endeavors. If you have an interest, we could certainly use your help. Here are some of the areas that need attention. Costumes, stage managing, lights and sound design and operation, education, and publicity. Please contact us if you have an interest.

Check out our upcoming Classes and Camps!

Please take an look at our Classes / Camps Page for information and enrollment forms for our newest educational offerings. All classes are held at the 2/42 Community Church Activities Building in Okemos.

A Note on Production Fees.

Like other sports and recreation programs for young people, there is a participation fee to be in the production. We charge reasonable, modest fees. With these fees you will receive a script, costumes, props, and help with overall production costs. Adults will not be assessed a production fee but are asked to help mentor younger actors and / or help with production duties such as costuming, set building, etc

Welcome to the MMFT!

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