Mickey Mouse Love

He's a mighty good mouse!

Traditional animation versus CGI

 Everyone knows that animation has entered into a new era. We are no longer doing our movies and TV shows by hand, but by computer. Almost everything on the screen now looks less animated, more like our world. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but I personally think they should leave the classic Disney characters alone. Let's take a look.


This is Mickey Mouse in classic hand-drawn animation, which has been used on him for years, because CGI (computer-generated imagery) is obviously new. I think he looks cuter, and even younger, this way.

Here is Mickey in CGI. He looks different, and rather... freaky, at first. Yet you can still tell, without a doubt, that it is, in fact, Mickey Mouse. And he still looks fairly cute.

There are two versions of CGI Mickey. In Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas, there's something about his face that makes it look more like the traditional version, although his ears are a lot different - like spoons, as mentioned on the Movies page. In Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, his ears and the black part of his head are the more traditional part, because his ears are flatter and stay round whichever way he turns. But his mouth looks weird - sometimes I can barely even tell it's there. From my point of view, it looks like something is missing from his face.

People say that charcters in hand-drawn animation look flat. I don't get it. It's either I don't see what they see, or they don't see what I see, because when I look at a hand-drawn picture, it doesn't look flat at all, even if the coloring is solid with no shading or lighting.

My evolving opinion

At first, I was completely against CGI animation. Every time I got the chance, I would state that putting Mickey Mouse in CGI was a terrible sin. "I mean, it's fine for some characters," I said to my mom, meaning the newer ones who have never been in hand-drawn animation in the first place, "but doing it to Mickey Mouse? Disney's gone way too far."

In 2008 House of Mouse was cancelled. It is no longer airing in the morning, like it used to. A bunch of other shows take turns replacing it.
So on the first Monday morning House of Mouse didn't come on, I flipped to Playhouse Disney, and found that Mickey Mouse Clubhouse was on. Well, why not? After all, it does have Mickey Mouse in it, I thought. So I watched it.
It wasn't bad. At least, not very bad. Mickey was acting a little bit like Dora the Explorer. But it is a little kids' show, anyway. When it was over, I went upstairs and told my mom that I hope Mickey got a good paycheck for doing that show, because "he had to act like an idiot," which were my exact words.

But Mickey Mouse Clubhouse isn't very bad at all. In fact, I find it highly amusing, especially since the viewer is supposed to talk back to the characters, and I love taking advantage of the fact that I know what they're going to answer me. I do hope House of Mouse comes back on at some point, though, or at least marathon occasionally to make up for its absence.
Anyway, I'm getting off topic here. The point is that I now love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse because I find it very hilarious. And the animation? It's actually not bad. I still prefer traditional animation, and I think Mickey Mouse Clubhouse would be better off that way, but there's nothing I can do about it.

Even more recently, I watched Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas for the first time. I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It totally surprised me with how good it was, especially the last segment.
The back of the DVD case says, "Now, through the magic of dazzling computer animation, your favourite Disney characters get a wonderful new look." Well, I don't think it's wonderful or dazzling, but they still look pretty good, although they look more like pieces of Disney merchandise than the characters themselves.


o I am not totally against using CGI for the classic characters, but I'm not all for it either. I'm pretty much okay with it either way, although I do strongly prefer traditional animation. Mickey looks much cuter that way, although no matter what he looks like, he's still the Mickey Mouse we all know and love. Same voice, same cute ears (most of the time), and same everything overall.

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