Mickey Mouse Love

He's a mighty good mouse!


Everyone knows that Mickey Mouse is on TV a lot. Though there are many Mickey shows, I have only written about the two most current shows on this page. He has also made some cameos in other shows (like Full House!), but that's a different story.

House of Mouse

Located in the middle of Main Street, Disney's House of Mouse is a TV show about Mickey Mouse and his nightclub on Disney Channel/Toon Disney and, in my humble opinion, the best TV show ever. They show cartoons, musical acts, and general performances. A lot of Disney characters such as Bambi, Peter Pan, Aladdin, and Cinderella attend the club regularly, and they can always be seen in the audience. Sometimes Mickey & friends interact with them too!
I used to watch this show religiously (before it got canceled! *glares at schedule-making people*). In fact, one Saturday morning I woke up ten minutes before it started and got up in order not to miss it - and then realized that it was Saturday, therefore House of Mouse wasn't on that day. I was pretty frusturated. And even though I've seen pretty much all the episodes over and over, they never get old. At least for me. Maybe it's because of the crush I have on Mickey. He is one of the main reasons I watch it, aside from the fact that I just love Disney in general!

Each of Mickey's friends has his own job:
Mickey himself is the owner and host of the club. He welcomes the guests as the show starts and introduces the acts and cartoons, and makes announcements every once in a while. Sometimes he gets all worried and overreacts, but that's why Minnie is there.
Minnie handles all the finances and show production. She's also great at calming Mickey down when he freaks out.
Donald is the co-owner and greeter, helping to run the club and greeting guests as they arrive. Though he sometimes causes trouble.
Daisy is the reservation clerk, seeing to it that each guest who comes through the doors has a reservation and gives them a seat in the audience. She always wants to perform a silly act on stage (like "Daisycapade"!)
Goofy is the head waiter, taking orders and bringing food to the guests. He's incredibly clumsy and silly! Sometimes he breaks things, but no one really cares.
Horace is the mechanical technician person, handling the lights and microphones, starting the cartoons, etc. He takes things literally, so you have to be very specific when asking him to do something. Otherwise, he could break something.
Clarabelle is the gossip columnist, providing Main Street Gossip for entertainment. (As if they didn't have enough entertainment already.) Sometimes she goes a little overboard with word on the street and it causes trouble.
Max is the parking valet driver, parking the guests' cars as they arrive. He wants a car of his own.
Pluto is the mascot and also helps out, though I'm not sure exactly what he does. But he does wear a headset! And sometimes he chases Figaro and O'Malley & the Alley Cats.
Chef Gus is... the chef. But sometimes he eats all the food.
And finally, Pete is the greedy landlord of the club who is constantly trying to prevent the show from going so he can shut down the club.

Stuff that happens

Lots of weird things happen at the House of Mouse. We already know that Pete tries to take away their audience so he can shut it down. We just learned that in the last paragraph. But other stuff happens too. For example:

-Mickey tried to become more sophisticated because he thought Minnie was looking for a new boyfriend (Mickey and the Culture Clash).
-Another time he accidentaly spent the rent money on cheese (Rent Day).
-Jiminy Cricket felt betrayed by Pinocchio and left him to become Mickey's conscience (Jiminy Cricket).
-Mickey agreed to let Pete perform while keeping the secret that there was no audience (Pete's One Man Show).
-King Louie's twin brother, King Larry, came and made a mess (King Larry Swings In).
-The Phantom Blot stole most of the employees, the audience, and Mickey's clothes (House of Crime).
-Chip and Dale stole everyone's bag of nuts (Chip and Dale).
-Peter Pan taught Donald how to fly (Donald Wants to Fly).
-Goofy got a hold of Fairy Godmother's magic wand and used it to make delicious stew that everyone loved (Goofy's Menu Magic).
-Pete broke the club's air conditioner, causing everyone but Hades to leave (Suddenly Hades). Later he filled the house with water, so Hades left, but Ariel and Flounder came.
-Daisy tried to do magic tricks, but since she didn't really know magic, she made the whole club disappear (House of Magic).
-The boys went out bowling for the night, so Minnie, Daisy and Clarabelle ran the show (Ladies' Night).

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Meeska, mooska, Mickey Mouse! Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is a computer-animated program for young children, especially preschoolers. This show features Mickey having a clubhouse instead of a nightclub, and all his friends are there too. Sometimes you see other characters too, such as Pete, Chip and Dale, Mr. Pettibone (Goofy's pet cat), Professor Ludwig Von Drake, Clarabelle Cow, and even Mortimer Mouse. There's also the Mousekadoer (a giant Mickey-shaped computer that shows them their mouseketools for the day and then downloads them to Toodles, the small, Mickey-shaped, flying extension of the Mousekadoer. Toodles brings the characters the mouseketools when they need them. There's always a problem they need to solve.
When House of Mouse was canceled, I started watching this show instead, and I love it, even though I'm a teenager. A lot of people hate it, though, because of the way Mickey looks and acts, so I guess it's not for everyone. Little kids love it, anyway, and I suppose that's all that counts, since they're who it's made for. Also (warning: this is random), I think the clubhouse is unique because its technology works very well and rarely screws up. *glares at my computer*

Problems to be solved

As mentioned in the above paragraph, Mickey and his friends have a problem to solve for each episode. So, like I did for House of Mouse, I will tell you about a few.

-Daisy looked after Little Bo Peep's sheep, but lost them, so Mickey and friends had to find them all.
-Goofy traveled to Mars in a spaceship, but it crash landed, and his friends had to travel after him to save him.
-Mickey and Donald played hide-and-seek, and it took a long time for Mickey to find Donald's secret hiding spot.
-Minnie picked Clarabelle's sleeping roses and fell asleep, leaving it up to the other characters to wake her up with the golden harp. (It was a complete RIP OFF! Mickey should have had to kiss her. I'm gonna have to talk with the people who write the episodes for this show!)
-All the colour started draining out of the clubhouse, so Mickey had to find all the colours of the rainbow in order to bring it back before it disappeared completely.
-All the characters were scheduled to sing on Clarabelle's show, but they all got hiccups, and had to get rid of them before show time.
-The clubhouse's Handy Helpers were having technical difficulties, so they had to be fixed.
-Professor Ludwig Von Drake's invention turned Goofy into a baby, so he had to be turned back to normal.
-Goofy lost his hat on Picture Day. Naturally, it had to be found.
-Daisy wanted to find a pet for the Pet Parade, so she tried to find one in time for it.


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