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He's a mighty good mouse!


Disney has also made some full-length movies starring Mickey and his friends, which you will learn about on this page.

WARNING: There are spoilers on this page. If you want to find out for yourself what happens in one or more of them, don't read their summaries!

Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas

This summary was basically copied & pasted from WikiPedia, but I edited it due to bad grammar and added a few things, so it's not completely "stolen." I was originally writing the summary myself, but I'm not very good at making it as short as it can be, and it was turning out WAY too long (like the one for Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas is). So I decided to just use another summary this once.

Stuck On Christmas
Huey, Dewey and Louie wake up on Christmas morning and open up their presents even though they are supposed to wait for Daisy, Uncle Scrooge, and Aunt Gertie. After they take their new sleds from Uncle Donald (not reading the card) and go sledding, have Christmas dinner and sing carols, it is time for the boys to go to bed. The boys then wish that it would be Christmas every day. Their wish is granted, and at first the three are joyful. After a few days later, they begin to get sick of Christmas, so they then decide to change the day, including swapping a live turkey with the cooked one. The Christmas turns out to be a bad Christmas. After learning how hard their family had tried to make Christmas better for them, the boys become guilty for their pranks. They then decided to make amends and make the next day the best Christmas day ever, thus ending the time loop.

Have Yourself a Goofy Christmas
Goofy and his son Max are mailing out a letter to Santa. However, as soon as they get home, Pete tells Max that Santa doesn't exist. Max does some research on all the facts about reindeer, how many children there are in the world, etc. Things get worse when Goofy poses as a Santa for some kids and Max finds out that he tricked him. Goofy is determined to prove to Max that Santa does exist and even stays up all Christmas Eve to keep an eye out for him. But after staying up all night and eventually falling off the roof, Goofy has given up hope of Santa coming. Max feels bad and does everything that Goofy did to make him happy, including posing as Santa. And the best part is that, in the end, Santa does come! He flies right over their house, and gives Max the skateboard he wants.

Gift of the Magi
This has always been my personal favourite, ever since I saw it for the very first time! Mickey wants to get Minnie a gold chain for her one heirloom, her watch, so he works at Crazy Pete's. Minnie wants to give Mickey something special, so she works hard to get her special bonus. However, Pete takes all of Mickey's money, and Minnie's bonus is nothing but fruitcake. After playing for a toy drive, Mickey has the idea that he can trade his harmonica for the chain. Back at Minnie's house, Mickey gives her the chain for her watch and Minnie gives him a case for his harmonica. Of course, the irony is that Minnie no longer has her watch - just as Mickey no longer has his harmonica - so the gifts are essentially useless. As in the classic "Gift of the Magi" upon which this adaptation, penned by Richard Cray, is based, the thought behind each gift is what counts.

Mickey's House of Villians

This movie is a bit of a disappointment to me. It's made up mostly of cartoons, and that's all one watching it sees for a while: cartoon after cartoon after cartoon. I personally get tired of it.
However, I think there's a reason for all that. The villains are plotting against Mickey Mouse, and their plan won't take effect until midnight, so we have to wait for it. In the meantime, the show is going on; a normal show at the House of Mouse. I don't know if it's meant to build suspense or just to take up screen time. Either way, it lets the viewer kind of feel like a guest at the House of Mouse, and the action finally takes place near the end of the movie.
Still, I wish Disney had put in more movie and fewer cartoons.
In the meantime, here's the summary I wrote. I tried to make it as short as possible, but it's still very long. >_< Sorry!

It's Halloween at the House of Mouse, and all the guests are arriving. While Donald tries to scare everyone with his costume, Minnie tells Mickey that there are a lot of villains in the audience, but Mickey doesn't feel worried about it. However, Jafar tells the other villains that he has a trick for Mickey Mouse, but they have to wait till midnight for it. After Mickey tells some Halloween jokes, the first cartoon starts. Donald unsuccessfully tries to scare the Beast, and Mickey introduces the next cartoon. It goes on like this for a while; just a bunch of cartoons in a row as midnight nears.
Soon it's time for the trick. And the trick is kicking Mickey and Minnie out of the club and turning it into the House of Villains.While the villains play two more cartoons, Mickey and Minnie both come back and try to get Jafar to give up the club, but they just get kicked out again. After the last cartoon is over, Mickey's friends dress him in his sorcerer costume from Fantasia. He then goes out and battles Jafar with magic. When Jafar knocks the magic hat off Mickey's head, Aladdin comes and gives Mickey the lamp, which he uses to trap Jafar. The club is saved and turned back into the House of Mouse.

Cartoons shown in the movie
Trick or Treat:
Huey, Dewey, and Louie are out trick-or-treating on Halloween night. They come to Donald's house, but instead of giving them candy, he gives them explosives and dumps a bucket of water on them. So Witch Hazel comes and helps them out by making a magic potion that brings inanimate objects to life. She puts it on Donald's feet after he locks up his pantry and swallows the key, and it eventually causes him to run into the door and break it down so the boys can have their treat.
Mickey's Mechanical House: Mickey is tired of his old, worn-out house, so he moves into an electric one. It's great at first, and when he has to go to bed, he can't sleep because he keeps thinking about all the gadgets he can play with. He gets up and tries to go downstairs, but the robot from the kitchen sends him back to bed. Mickey is rebellious, however, and he manages to get away, and lures the robot into the kitchen, where he dumps a bucket of water on it. The robot gets electrocuted, and everything else in the house goes crazy, until the house collapses. Mickey and Pluto go back to the old house and live happily ever after.
How To Haunt a House: Goofy goes out and is in a car accident, therefore turning him into a ghost. But it's only temporary - just long enough to demonstrate how to haunt a house! After choosing a house to haunt and a hauntee (Donald Duck), Goofy attemps to scare Donald by opening the creaky front door, sneaking around wearing a white sheet, turning off lights, and and making scary sounds. Unfortunately, Donald is sleeping with his eyes open. Goofy wakes him up, and then he freaks out for the first time having seen the ghost. He runs out the front door and is turned into a ghost himself by another car accident. Both of them demonstrate how to end a cartoon, thus ending the cartoon.

Lonesome Ghosts: Four ghosts in a haunted house are in need of some fun, so they call Ajax Ghost Exterminators - which happen to be Mickey, Donald, and Goofy. The three hear the ghosts as soon as they arrive, and decide to separate and surround them. However, they all run into the ghosts, and the ghosts play tricks on them. When it's Goofy's turn to be pranked, he gets stuck in the dressed below the mirror one ghost is using to play with him, and in his hassle, he, Mickey and Donald all get into a huge mess of molasses and then flour, causing them to look like ghosts, thus scaring the real ghosts out of the house.
Dance of the Goofys: All the fairies are hard at work closing up flowers for the night - except one, who has overslept. When he wakes, he quickly gets up and goes out to join the others in their work. Soon the fairy king is captured by a boy who wants to add him to his insect collection. The fairy who overslept comes to rescue him and, after a short battle and breakage of the king's leg/foot, they escape. The fairy learns how to close flowers properly, and they live happily ever after.
Donald Duck and the Gorilla: Donald and his nephews are listening to the radio when they hear an announcement that a terrible killer gorilla has escaped from the zoo. The boys are scared, but Donald laughs at them for it, so they get back at him by dressing up in a gorilla suit and scaring him. Minutes later, the real gorilla comes, and Donald thinks it's the boys again, but he soon discovers the truth. He gets scared and runs away. He and the boys start to sneak around, but Donald is very jumpy, and it doesn't work. He goes off by himself, only to run into the gorilla again. He gets chased for a while until the boys come and use tear gas on both of them, and they cry together as the cartoon ends.
Donald's Halloween Scare: Huey, Dewey, and Louie are out trick-or-treating again, and they come across Minnie, Mickey, and Goofy, who play Halloween pranks on them. When they come to Donald's house, Donald puts on a costume, scares them, and steals their candy. He then sits down on the sofa and starts eating it while watching TV. The boys discover the trick and then play their own prank on him with the help of some friends and Chief O' Hara, who "arrests" Donald. Then Donald is led to believe the boys are dead and have turned into zombies. He runs away, but the boys corner him. Finally, he apologizes and gets their candy back for them.
Hansel and Gretel: The story of Hansel and Gretel, starring Mickey as Hansel and Minnie as Gretel. I think we pretty much know what happens from here.

Mickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse

It's Christmas Eve at the House of Mouse, and the show is just about over. The guests start to leave, but everyone finds that they're snowed in. So they decide to celebrate Christmas right there at Mickey's nightclub. The only problem is that Donald isn't in the Christmas spirit. ("Bah, humbug!") So his friends try to get it into him by showing Christmas cartoons, a short film of Yuletide wishes from various Disney characters, a "Science with Santa" performance by Professor Ludwig Von Drake, and everyone tells what they're thankful for, and we watch another short film, this time of Mickey and Pluto decorating their house.
When none of this works, Mickey gets very sad. He goes up on the roof of the club, and Jiminy Cricket comes to talk to him. Jiminy tells Mickey that Christmas spirit doesn't come from parties and all, but from within. He encourages Mickey to wish upon a star, and Mickey does just that. The star comes down into Mickey's hands, and he brings it inside and lets Donald put it on top of the tree, and Donald finally lightens up. The House of Mouse magically decorates itself, and all the characters sing a special Christmas song ("The Best Christmas of All").

Cartoons shown in the movie
Donald on Ice:
Huey, Dewey and Louie buils a snowman for the snowman contest, while Donald tries to ice skate. But Donald is obviously not very practiced, and he ends up crashing into the boys' snowman and destroying it. So the boys put a nail into the ice to cause it to crack, thus preventing Donald from skating. Donald tries to get away from the crack, which is following him everywhere he goes. He eventually goes into a cave with an abominable snowman in it, who chases Donald right back to the contest, where it wins first prize.
Pluto's Christmas Tree: This is a 1952 cartoon. Mickey and Pluto go outside to cut themselves a Christmas tree. Pluto runs into Chip and Dale, who tease him becayse he likes to sniff at the tree trunks like dogs do. They run up a tree when Pluto chases them, but Mickey cuts that tree down, takes it into the house, and decorates it, not knowing that the two chipmunks are still in it. When he finishes, Chip and Dale try to steal ornaments and acorns and all that. They are soon discovered by Pluto, however. Chip hides among the candles, and Pluto tries to tell Mickey what's going on, but Mickey thinks Pluto wants him to light the candles. So he does just that. A few minutes later, Chip and Dale run back up into the tree, and Pluto, in an attempt to stop them, destroys the tree. Mickey is upset at first, but when he sees the chipmunks, he thinks they're cute and all is well.
The Nutcracker: The story of The Nutcracker - kind of. This short stars Mickey as the nutcracker, Minnie as Maria, and Donald as the Mouse King, and it has a bit of a twist on it.
Mickey's Christmas Carol: A cute version of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. This cartoon stars Scrooge McDuck as Ebenezer Scrooge and Mickey Mouse as Bob Cratchit. I love this cartoon; I think it's very sweet, and I highly recommend it to every Disney fan!

The Three Musketeers

Mickey, Donald, and Goofy: The Three Musketeers is the first full-length movie Mickey Mouse has ever starred in, and a personal favourite of mine. It is so much fun to watch, and the animation is great. I especially love the costumes. Mickey looks adorable in everything, even his tattered old janitor outfit! And the "On Wings of Love" scene is one of the sweetest things I've ever seen. This is a must-see for any Mickey, Donald or Goofy fan.


Mickey, Donald, and Goofy play three janitors with big dreams of becoming great musketeers some day. Pete, their boss, laughs at them for it, because he thinks Goofy is a doofus, Donald is a coward, and Mickey is too small.
Later that day, Pete's sidekicks (the Beagle Boys) try to drop a safe on Princess Minnie while she is daydreaming about her one true love. After that, she feels exposed to danger and tells Pete she wants bodyguards. Now Pete has a villianous scheme: he wants to kidnap Princess Minnie so he can become king, and he sees his chance: because he doesn't think the trio can really protect her. So, he lets them become musketeers and protect the princess.
Before long, they are out on a drive and the Beagle Boys attack them, trying to kidnap the princess. They manage to get rid of Mickey, Donald and Goofy, leaving them behind in the mud. The trio is about to give up, but Mickey states that he doesn't think they're hopeless. They change their minds, catch up with the Beagle Boys, and save Princess Minnie. On the way back home, Mickey and Minnie fall in love, in a montage of very romantic scenes that are loved by fangirls such as myself.
Pete is very angry that the Beagle Boys have failed him. He decides to take matters into his own hands by getting rid of the three musketeers himself. First, he has his lieutenant Clarabelle throw Goofy off a bridge to his death - which doesn't work, because they fall in love instead. Then he tries to chop off Donald's head with an axe, but Donald gets away just in time. And finally, he chains Mickey to a dungeon wall and fills the dungeon with water so Mickey will drown. Luckily Donald and Goofy are free, and they rescue Mickey, who has passed out after letting his breath go.
After Mickey regains consciousness, they head off to the opera, where Pete has Princess Minnie and her lady-in-waiting Daisy locked up in a chest, and has been declared king by the smallest Beagle Boy, who is disguised as the princess. They manage to defeat Pete and his sidekicks, and rescue Princess Minnie once more. Now it's Donald's turn to fall in love, and he does so with Daisy, of course.
Soon (probably the next morning), the princess dubs them all royal musketeers, and they live happily ever after!

For screencaps of this movie, click here.

Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas

This movie is different from all the other movies, because it is done in 3-D animation. When I first watched this movie, though, I loved it, despite the animation, and in spite of the fact that Mickey's ears look like black spoons sticking out of his head.
This summary, too, is very long, because I fail at writing short summaries.

Belles On Ice
The movie starts out with an ice skating competition, in which Minnie and Daisy are both going to compete. Minnie goes out first, and as Daisy watches her perform, she becomes jealous, skates out onto the ice, and begins her own routine in an attempt to outdo her. Minnie sees what she's doing, and decided she's not going to let Daisy be better than she is. Before long, the competition gets rather fierce, and the two friends get mad at each other - even to the point of calling each other names. Eventually, Minnie pulls her bow down over her eyes and performs blind, but she lands on a stray bell on the ice and falls down. The audience is suddenly quiet - even Daisy. She goes over to Minnie and makes sure she is okay. Then they both apologize for how they acted, and they do the grand finale together.

Christmas: Impossible
The second story, probably the longest one here, is about Donald's nephews, Huey, Dewey, and Louie. They are at Uncle Scrooge's house for a Christmas Eve celebration. But as usual, they're not being very good. They even eat all Scrooge's Christmas cookies. After Donald sends them to bed for it, Scrooge comes to their room and tells them about Santa's lists. After Scrooge leaves, they figure they're on the naughty list for sure, but then they decide to go to the North Pole and write their own names on it. So they mail themselves to the North Pole and arrive in Santa's toy factory, and find a map, which shows them where the List Room is. They go there, but it's locked, so they go to Santa's office to try to find the key, and they eventually do. Then they run back through the toy factory, but as they try to get away, they make a big mess, and toys are scattered everywhere. And because there are toys that come with keys similar to Santa's key, they lose the key they want. They eventually find it, but they run into Santa, and he takes the key back because he thinks the boys are returning it to him. In a few minutes, the boys feel bad about ruining Christmas, so they help clean up the mess, and before long they're all done. By this time they've given up hope of getting on the good list, but then a janitor elf goes into Santa's list room and leaves the door open. The boys sneak in and get to the list. They're about to write their names on it, but they think again, and instead they put Scrooge's name on. Then they mail themselves back to Duckburg in time for Christmas morning, and they find a gift for Uncle Scrooge in front of the tree. It turns out to be what Scrooge has always wanted - bagpipes. Donald then discovers more presents behind the tree, and they're for everyone, including Huey, Dewey and Louie. After a little while the boys discover a note from Santa saying that putting their unce's name on the good list put them also on the good list.

Christmas Maximus
The third story features Goofy and his son Max, and Max's girlfriend Mona. Max is bringing Mona to his house for Christmas, and he's worried Goofy will embarrass him. He calls his dad and asks him to play it cool. But when they arrive in Max's hometown, they find Goofy dressed in a chauffeur's getup holding a sign that says "Maxie" with the "ie" crossed out. Goofy drives them home, and when they get there, they find the house decorated - a lot! And after that, Goofy does indeed embarrass Max - showing Mona his baby pictures, wiping cocoa off his face, and stuff like that.
Max goes out on the porch and wants to be alone. But after a while he realizes that Goofy is always goofy, and that's why he loves him. He forgets about being embarrassed and joins in the fun.

Donald's Gift
The fourth story is all about Donald Duck. He has just come home from the store, and he wants to relax at home in peace and quiet with hot chocolate, but Daisy makes him come to the mall with her and his nephews.
When they've arrived at the mall, Daisy and the boys stop to watch the window unveiling, while Donald goes off on his own to get some hot chocolate. He gets some, but after that he hears people playing/singing "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" everywhere, and he can't get away from it. He then finds a dark room in which the tune isn't playing - but then when he turns on the light in it, he finds a bunch of dolls that begin to sing that very song. He is completely fed up and begins to destroy the dolls - but what he doesn't realize is that the dolls are part of the window display, and as the unveiling is taking place, the curtain goes up to reveal Donald destroying everything.
Daisy and the boys are disappointed and sadly leave the mall without Donald. Donald himself is thrown out of the mall, and he feels really bad about letting his nephews and girlfriend down as he walks in the snow. Just then he finds a group of carolers trying to sing "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" and not doing a good job of it because they're not singing it together. Donald doesn't like it, so he takes charge and conducts it. In a few minutes it sounds great, and Donald is even singing along. Then Daisy and the boys come and are happy to find Donald finally showing some Christmas spirit. Donald apologizes and then shapes up.

Mickey's Dog-Gone Christmas
This story is naturally my favourite out of all of them, because it stars Mickey Mouse and Pluto, and it's very sweet. Mickey is decorating his house for the Christmas party, but Pluto keeps interrupting. While Mickey is pausing to talk on the phone with Minnie, Pluto takes the star and tries to put it on top of the tree, but the tree falls over and not only is it ruined, but all the other decorations are ruined too. Mickey gets angry and sends Pluto outside to the doghouse before going out to get some things to try to replace the ruined decorations.
Lying in his doghouse, Pluto stares at a picture of him and Mickey playing together. The Mickey in the picture seems to come to life and scold him some more. Pluto then removes his collar and runs away from home by hopping aboard a train. The train takes him to the North Pole, where he is adopted by reindeer and named Murray, as in Murray Christmas.
When Mickey comes home, he manages to fix the damages and clean up the house. He feels guilty for yelling at Pluto, so he goes out to the dog house to apologize. But when he gets there, the dog house is empty. So Mickey puts Lost Dog posters all over town and even goes to Santa at a department store to ask for help. Then a picture is taken on him sitting on Santa's lap with a very sad look on his face and holding up a poster.
Back at the North Pole, Pluto is feeling very homesick, so much that he sees Mickey's silhouette in the clouds, and then his own next to it. Then Santa comes to Pluto and shows him the picture of him and Mickey. Pluto then decides to go back home, so Santa and his reindeer drop him off at Mickey's house, where they are having the party. Mickey lets Pluto put the star on top of the tree, and nothing bad happens. The film concludes here with them all singing a medley of various Christmas carols.
And they all live happily ever after!

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