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Hidden Mickeys

In pretty much every Disney film, there is a hidden Mickey. They're mostly just silhouettes of his head and ears, but sometimes Mickey himself is seen.
So I have gathered all the pictures of hidden Mickeys in other Disney films that I can find and posted them here. I have also written about the hidden Mickeys all over Walt Disney World.
And if anyone else spots another one that is not included here, please let me know! It would also be appreciated if you could supply a picture of it as proof. (Sometimes people talk about a hidden Mickey, and then I look for it in the movie, and it's nowhere to be seen - like in The Lion King.)

The Mickeys

Hidden Mickeys in Movies 
One can always find the Mickey shape in bubbles. I do it all the time! In the sink, in a glass of milk, everywhere. Here is an example of that, as seen in Cinderella.

Here are Mickey, Donald, and Goofy as seen in The Little Mermaid. Apparently they went to the concert!

When everyone is being transformed back to normal in the end of Aladdin, Rajah has Mickey ears for a second. (Screencap found at Disney Dreams Boards.)

When the good fairies in Sleeping Beauty are trying to figure out how to protect Aurora, they eat Mickey-shaped biscuits.

Fagin from Oliver & Company wears a Mickey Mouse watch. It can be seen when he is waiting for the rich guy to come with his money and he looks at his watches. (If he needed money, though, I would so buy that watch from him!)

When the Indian chief in Peter Pan is making Peter a chief, there are three stars next to him in a Mickey shape.

We all know that Genie from Aladdin likes to change into various things. In the third movie, Aladdin and the King of Thieves, he imitates Sorcerer Mickey.

And in that same movie, the same Genie impersonates Steamboat Willie!

There's a Mickey shape in the water near the beginning of Robin Hood when Robin Hood and Little John hide in the water. (Screencap also found at Disney Dreams Boards.)

This is from the end of Chicken Little when Kirby's dad looks at his watch. (Though it's freaky that they added an extra eye on Mickey. Still cute, though! And this screencap was too found at Disney Dreams Boards.)

In Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas, during the segment titled "Christmas: Impossible," Santa has a Mickey Mouse clock on his wall.

In Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas, Max looks at his watch as he anxiously waits for the mailman, and the watch has Mickey on it, like in Chicken Little.

In a preview for the new movie Tinker Bell, a Mickey is formed in the water. This picture is also from YouTube - watch it here!

There's also a Mickey shape in the fruit behind Lilo and Stitch as they practice dancing to Elvis music in the first movie. This could be accidental, but it doesn't look like it.

In a Silly Symphony cartoon entitled The Night Before Christmas, there are Mickey Mouse toys. I was delighted to see them!

Here's a really cool one. In The Nightmare Before Christmas, the little girl and boy who appear while Jack is delivering creepy toys to everyone have Mickey - and Donald! - on their pajamas.
A hidden Donald! Is that cool or what?

This one is different. In Alice in Wonderland, you hear Mickey yelling, "Hooray!" Here's video proof of it - you hear it at 0:31.

Hidden Mickeys on Television
Okay, so I only have one so far. But this is made of awesome! In the episode of Spongebob Squarepants called "Hall Monitor," the newspaper boy wears blue Mickey Mouse shorts with green buttons on them. Here's a mini collage I made for evidence:

Hidden Mickeys at Walt Disney World
Here are the locations of a bunch of hidden Mickeys. (Taken from the 2007 copy of Birnbaum's Walt Disney World For Kids By Kids.)

Magic Kingdom:
-The railing around the Partners statue at the end of Main Street casts a Mickey shadow.
-A Mickey is carved into the rock behind the bathing elephants (in the Jungle Cruise).
-The ears of a singing donkey in Pirates of the Caribbean cast a Mickey shadow.
-Look for a Mickey or two on the bird perches inside the Enchanted Tiki Room.
-A sleeping Mickey is in the clouds during the final riverboat scene after the big splash in Splash Mountain.
-The gravestones in one of the Haunted Mansion's last rooms bear tiny three-circle Mickeys.
-Many hidden Mickeys can be found in the vines you see in the African scene during It's A Small World.
-Mickey is hiding by the flowers on the mural in the waiting area by Snow White's Scary Adventures.
-When three meteoroids crash on the ceiling of Space Mountain, they form a giant Mickey head.
-One of the planets whizzing by during the short movie in Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin has a Mickey on it.

-The sleeping monk in Spaceship Earth has drawn a Mickey on his paper.
-Study the paintings while you wait in line for Living With the Land. One has bubbles on it that connect to form a Mickey head.
-Look up in the cloud under the blue balloon at The Land pavilion's center.
-In Area 2B of Test Track, there's a candy dispenser in the shape of that famous mouse.
-On the Hall of Brains poster in Cranium Command, he's easy to spot near Walt Disney.
-The iron grates that the trees in World Showcase grow out of are covered with hidden Mickeys.
-One of the fireworks that burst out from behind the Statue of Liberty leaves a Mickey-shaped puff of smoke (in the American Adventure).
-You'll find a Mickey in the grass of Germany's miniature village.
-In the mural above the line for Norway, there's a viking wearing Mickey Mouse ears.
-Watch the swirling smoke of the volcano at the beginning of the Mexico boat ride carefully and you might see Mickey.

Disney-MGM Studios:
-In The Great Movie Ride, look for Mickey and pals on the Well of Souls during the Indiana Jones scene.
-Lasers at the start of the Voyage of The Little Mermaid show form a Mickey head.
-In the Disney-MGM studios Backlot tour, Mickey is in the rocks by the exit. This one is hard to find!
-Look on the Muppets' building for funny eyes and noses that together form the shape of Mickey heads (in the Muppet*Vision 3D).
-In Star Tours, Mickey is hiding on the phone directory sign by the entrance.

Animal Kingdom:
-Look for clusters of moss near the tiger on the Tree of Life.
-This Mickey head is hiding on the mural by the tigers on the Maharajah Jungle Trek.

Everywhere Else in the World:
-Some of the Marketplace's dancing water fountains form the shape of Mickey (in Downtown Disney).

Hidden Mickeys on the Moon
Yup, that's right! There are two "hidden Mickeys" on the moon. I'm not kidding. I "discovered" one all by myself while looking at the first-quarter moon through a telescope at my local observatory. (Astronomy is one of my major interests.) So I found a huge picture on Google, resized it, and circled the Mickeys I see in red.
Enjoy the evidence.





Hidden Pluto

Okay, this is completely unrelated, but I just had to put this in. In Aladdin and the King of Thieves, Genie turns into a blue Pluto.

Random hidden stuff and fascinating trivia

Okay, here are a few trivia facts I found on Disney Dreams Boards that I find extremely fascinating!

In the cartoon "Runaway Brain," the monster Julius opens his mouth and roars in Mickey's face; out of his mouth flies a bird who resembles Zazu.

Also in the cartoon "Runaway Brain," in Mickey's living room, as he's playing video games, a poster can be seen in the background with a picture of cheese in a mouse trap; the caption below it reads "JUST SAY NO."

Also in the cartoon "Runaway Brain" Mickey whistles the tune to "Steamboat Willie" as he's about to knock on Dr. Frankenollie's door. The tune appears again during the end credits.

Russi Taylor had gained the role of Minnie Mouse around the same time Wayne Allwine, Tony Anselmo, and Bill Farmer had inherited the rest of the Fab Five; however, she does not have a speaking role in "Mickey's Christmas Carol" because the crew for that cartoon was unaware that a permanent Minnie had been cast. Bill Farmer was not Goofy until "The Prince and the Pauper" a few years later.

Originally Pluto was referred to as Rover (cliche). He first appeared (unnamed) as a random police dog in the Mickey Mouse cartoon "The Chain Gang." He appeared again as Minnie's dog in "The Picnic" and was referred to as Rover. Pluto was not established as Mickey's dog Pluto until 1931 in "The Moose Hunt." (It's in this cartoon that Pluto speaks his only words: "kiss me," and "the moose.")

The Fire House Five Plus Two, a jazz band formed by members of Walt Disney's Nine Old Men, made a sort of cameo in the movie "Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas" in the third story.

In between Walt Disney's and Wayne Allwine's position as Mickey's voice actor was Jimmy MacDonald, whose main job at the studio had been the sound director for all the cartoons and live action movies. MacDonald was said to have owned thousands of gadgets, many he made himself, that produced original sounds that would become staples in Disney cartoons and movies for many years. The sounds of the shoes of the dwarfs as they sneak into their home at night, unaware that Snow White is upstairs, was created by bending an empty leather wallet. When Captain Hook is konked on the head by a golden cannon during his big fight with Peter on his ship towards the end of the film, his eyes swirl and little circles and dots appear around his head; the partnering sound effect was created by rolling a BB gun bullet around in a balloon.