Mickey Mouse Love

He's a mighty good mouse!

Theme parks

Mickey Mouse & friends are found at theme parks too. After all, the parks wouldn't be very magical without all the characters. (Yup, pretty much every Disney character can be found there, but we're focusing on the classic gang right now.)

Mickey Mouse is very common around the parks and can be found pretty much anywhere. You can get pictures, hugs, kisses, and autographs from him too. There is no excuse for not meeting him... er, well, at least seeing him somewhere at a park - unless you have poor eyesight! Sometimes there is a long line to meet him.

Parents, don't let your kids read this, but people (especially adults and teenagers) often say that Mickey and friends are just people dressed up in costumes. I say it doesn't have to be that way! As long as you have imagination, Mickey Mouse can be as real as your parents or best friend. I think that in order to really enjoy your stay at a Disney park, you have to let yourself believe in the Disney magic. You can believe Mickey is a person in a suit if you want to, it's your choice; but I certainly do not recommend it.

The experience

I personally have never been to a Disney park in my life. However, it is my biggest dream to go to Disneyland some day. I especially want to meet Mickey, naturally. The videos on YouTube never fail to put me in a giggly, fangirly mood, because Mickey is such a dream. I love it when I watch a video of a little kid meeting Mickey Mouse, and Mickey kneels down and holds his arms out to give the kid a hug. It's so adorable to watch!!

People in "real life" have tried to discourage me of this dream, telling me that I shouldn't get my hopes up because I'll probably die before I get to Disneyland. Little do they realize that their negative attitude is all in vain, because they can't change a thing about me or my optimistic outlook on life, and I will never give up this dream!
I wish them the best of luck getting married (which is, quite frankly, overrated in my opinion), because with an attitude like that, they'll need it big time; I personally could never marry some skeptic who doesn't believe in dreams.

Mickey is very energetic, and he LOVES goofing around and having fun. Well, don't we all? He's sweet and friendly, and GREAT with kids! (Well, obviously. He loves kids.)
Tip: Don't cut in line to meet him, no matter how long you've had to wait to meet him, because he'll send you to the back of it. In one YouTube video, called Bella and Mickey Mouse (by coachchili), this happened, and Mickey just took off with the little girl whose turn it was to meet him.

It is really great that Mickey Mouse is super common around the parks. If he was rare or special events only, I would literally die. But he really gets around, and chances of meeting him are excellent! It's the same for Minnie, Goofy, Donald, and Pluto. How do they do it? Answer: They're Disney characters. Trust me, they can do it.


Myspace Comments

Here are some pictures of Mickey & friends at the Disney parks.
There are only a few, because the best pictures you can get are on Flickr, and in order to use them on my site, I must ask the owner's permission. This can take a while, especially if each one I want to use is owned by a different person. And sometimes they don't get back to me. So I put videos on this page, to kind of take the place of the pictures I can't really use.
So I here are the pictures I am able to use. Thank You to everyone who let me use their pics!  I appreciate it.

He is often dressed in this colorful tuxedo. (Photo by meeko_ on Flickr.)

Here he is greeting guests at Disney's California Adventure! (Photo by disneymike on Flickr.)

Mickey, Donald and Goofy in their musketeer outfits! *swoon* (The man between Mickey and Donald is disneyphillip from Flickr, who owns this photo.)

Mickey and Minnie in cute summer outfits for Mickey's Summer Blast 2007. (Photo by Tony I.W. on Flickr.)

This is a famous statue at Walt Disney World called Partners. I think this photo, owned by Michael Bonnett Jr. on Flickr, is particularly beautiful! Out of all the pictures I've seen of it, I like this one best.

You can find much more Disney magic on Flickr. Just type some keywords such as disney, mickey, minnie, mouse, disney world, disneyland, etc. You can find pics of Mickey and Minnie and the gang and some other characters such as Cinderella and Eeyore! This is why I am addicted to Flickr and have a big collection of favourites.


Here are the videos I told you about. The movement and interaction makes it easy to believe that it's really them!
If you own any of these videos and would like it removed, just sign my guestboook to let me know and I'll remove it as soon as possible.
But these videos are very wonderful, so I hope I don't get any complaints. I did give proper credits, anyway. But still, I understand if you prefer your video removed.

Mickey Mouse Sure Can Dance by enjacks

Mickey Mouse Dancing at the Garden Grill by wahoogirl24

Staying Alive by gadisa (I can't get enough of this video)

Chance to Dance -Club Disney Super Dancin' Mania- TDL/2000 by naramitsu (This video is in Japanese because it's in Tokyo Disneyland, but the song is in English. This video makes me happy, because only Mickey Mouse dances like that! ^_______^)

Maestro Mickey Mouse at the Disneyland Fire Department by yuichiroyu

Visit w/ Mickey by davewjones

Nick Meets Mickey Mouse by goodlo23 (He's the boss here!)

Robert's Scared of Mickey Mouse by newspapertaxies

Mickey vs. Stitch by overlize

Mickey Mouse Scuba Diving by clarabow

The Girls Meet Mickey by jtkirkfan2002

3 Year Old Girl Takes Down Minnie Mouse by sanchezjw

Minnie Mouse House Tour by wallyspam

Donald and Daisy by denis430

Goofy Dancing by caligurl4life88

Want more? Just go to YouTube.Com and search for tags such as disneyland, disney world, mickey mouse, donald duck, minnie mouse, goofy, etc.! You will find many wonderful videos.


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