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First of all - I'd like to thank Walt Disney himself. Even though he has been gone for a while, he's the one who created Mickey Mouse and his friends in the first place, and I love him for that. I wish I could tell him.

Second - if I didn't watch House of Mouse, I would never have developed this great Mickey love in the first place! So a lot of credit goes to that fun TV show.

Third - most of the pictures from The Three Musketeers are from Magical Screencaps, a wonderful site full of Disney screencaps!

Fourth - some of the hidden Mickey pictures are taken off the Disney Dreams Boards, a great forum website that I am addicted to. And some others are also from Magical Screencaps.

Fifth - all the cartoons and videos in general shown here are from YouTube. I did not make them, of course, nor did I upload them, unless it states above the video that it was put together by me. I just put them on this website so people could not only read about Mickey & friends, but watch them in action too. The owners of the videos on the Disney Theme Parks page have been credited and linked to. Most of the music videos of Mickey and friends (mostly Minnie) were put together by TrunksXV.

Sixth - the pictures of Disney theme park characters are from Flickr. I have credited the owners of each picture underneath it and linked back to the original picture or the person's profile.

Seventh - the red Mickey background used for this site is from Mickey-Mouse.Com.


I do not own Disney or Mickey Mouse or any other characters. I am just an adoring fan of Disney and Mickey Mouse, and this site is purely and merely fan made.

I do not intend any copyright infringement, nor do I intend to make a profit out of this site.

This website is in not associated with the Walt Disney Company or Disney.Com in any way.

Mickey Mouse and friends belong rightfully to the Walt Disney Company, and no other.

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Further information

Search the catalog of your local library for books about Disney and Mickey Mouse. The library has a lot of great stuff! Particularly recommended are Encyclopedia of Walt Disney's Animated Characters and Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse: My Life in Pictures (written by the Mouse himself!!). You can also probably find some good DVDs, some of which have old cartoons on them!