Mickey Mouse Love

He's a mighty good mouse!


Here are some cartoons that Mickey and his friends star in. They are hilarious and cute and just fun to watch! I love them. ^__________^

Only a few of the many cartoons Walt Disney made are here, so if you want to watch more, just go to YouTube and search for Mickey Mouse cartoons.

Note: It will take a few minutes or longer (depending on how much your computer can handle) for these videos to load.


Plane Crazy (the first Mickey Mouse cartoon ever made.)

The Gallopin' Gaucho (the second Mickey cartoon.)

Steamboat Willie (the third Mickey Mouse cartoon; first hit; now famous!)

The Opry House (Mickey's first gloved appearance.)

When The Cat's Away (in which Mickey and Minnie are portrayed as regular mice.)

The Plow Boy (the first appearance of Horace Horsecollar.)

The Karnival Kid (the first cartoon where Mickey actually speaks.)

Jungle Rhythm (fun to watch!)

The Chain Gang

Traffic Troubles

Mickey Steps Out

The Mad Dog

The Whoopee Party

Parade of the Award Nominees (It isn't an official Mickey cartoon, but it is Mickey's first
color appearance.)

Mickey's Good Deed

Building a Building

Mickey's Pal Pluto (the first appearance of Pluto's shoulder angel and devil.)


Orphan's Benefit (the first Mickey, Donald and Goofy in Mickey Mouse cartoon.)

The Band Concert (first Mickey Mouse film in Technicolor)

Mickey's Garden

On Ice

Mickey's Rival

Moving Day

Magician Mickey

The Brave Little Tailor

Mr. Mouse Takes a Trip

The Sorcerer's Apprentice (A short from the movie Fantasia, and a milestone for Mickey.) Note: You'll want to turn your volume up. This is the fullest clip I could find, but it's very quiet.

Symphony Hour

Mickey's Delayed Date

Mickey Down Under

Long cartoons

Here is a newer cartoon from 1983 called Mickey's Christmas Carol. This short is pure love!

And here's another great short, The Prince and the Pauper. I love everything about this short - the animation, the voice work, etc. I love it all.