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This is a story of love and surgery, and remains unpublished to this day.

I met her about a week ago

In a hospital by the sea

As soon as I saw her I just had to know

If she was the one for me


So I went up to her and asked her out

She said that she'd meet me at eight

But she was in theatre till quarter to nine

So turned up an hour late


We went to the bar just down the road

Our time there passed by blissfully

We laughed and we danced and I held her so tight

I knew this was meant to be


We left there at two, the worse for drink

She hailed a cab for the ride

We got back to her place, I paid the fare

Then slowly we went inside


And then came that special moment

I'd longed for for most of my life

But she pushed me down and took out a blade

And I was under the knife


I suppose I didn't realise it

Until she cut open my vest

She didn't want me for my mind or my soul

But only the bits in my chest


Oh you stole my heart, you hijacked my liver

Out came my kidneys, sliver by sliver

You tore out my lungs and sliced out my spleen

Along with the small slimy bits in between

As well as removing the bulk of my innards

You blatantly ripped out most of my gizzards

My love, you stole my heart


So I lie here now on this table

And I feel so empty inside

'Cos you've got my vital organs with you

You've taken me for a ride


Oh you stole my heart, you hijacked my liver

Out came my kidneys, sliver by sliver

Gone is my bladder, gone is my bowel

And various other small items most foul

You dumped the whole lot in the boot of your car

And now they all live in a large pickling jar

My love, you stole my heart



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