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Dedicated to two Williams

Published in "Woodland Echoes" by International Library of Poets

"How fast can the devil run?" the old man said to me

"He'll have to run damn fast if he wants my soul, you see."

Emotions building deep inside, feelings far to strong to hide,

I found it so hard to believe my father was to die.

So as I cried, he comforts me a while,

His face, fraught with disease, still manages a smile.

"Don't worry," he said, "I won't give up the fight".

But cancer is relentless, it drained away his might.

It came as no surprise when the doctor came to say:

"I'm sorry, William has just passed away."


Same place, but four years on, and once again the fear of death

My unborn child's life at risk before he's taken breath.

Emotions building up again, dire thoughts engross my brain,

My wife is wheeled away, I'm helpless to the point of pain.

Minutes seem so long as I just sit and wait,

I fear the worst, pray for the best, and hope it's not too late.

But then, after an endless pause, my worries are dispelled,

"Mother and son are now both doing well"

Where'er he is I know my father's proud, I feel the same,

Full of joy and love for my son who shares his name.


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