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March 25,2009
Lolz go figure! It's only been one year since I updated something!!XD
Well as you can see, this site is STILL dead ^.^; Well that's because I don't go onto freewebs en yeah :[ sorry ^^; I now go to crunchyroll, youtube, those other sites!! XD IDK livejournal I guess?? haha so yeah :] Again, if your somebody I knew and is lookin for me, again, sign up for crunchyroll and buddy me!! I'm crazyone!! And remember to tell yourself who you are or I won't know who you are!! XD lolz yeah :D
Anybody wants to see my art? Go to Devianart and look for the account Crazysakuru, That's me!! :D

January 17,2008
Woot my birthday past!! XD lol Dang I can't believe this site is so dead =.=''' You know I'll just make this site into some kind of gallery or something. You know where I put some of my drawings in here. That'll be about it. Not really helping here am I? XD But I'll try updating this place once in a while.(or maybe 2 years from now) But anywho if you want to contact me sign up for crunchyroll and add me as your buddy!! (my username will be crazyone)

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