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Metal Gear Solid 2 controls

X Button - Crawl Button, crouch, cancel
O Button - Punch Button, when flattened to wall: knock on wall, confirm menu selection
Square Button - Weapon Button, use weapon, throw, strangle, drag unconscious enemy
Triangle Button - Action Button, turn handle, climb up object, hang down outside handrail
L1 - Lock-on, Lock on to enemy (with weapon held)
L2 - Item Select, Selection of item, peek
R1 - First Person View
R2 - Weapon Select, Selection of weapon, peek
Start - Pause
Select - Enter/exit Codec screen
Left Analogue Stick/D-pad - In normal view: move player. In First Person View: move viewpoint
Right Analogue Stick - Change camera direction during Corner View

Metal Gear Solid 2 moves

  • Walk/run: Use the left analogue stick (or directional buttons) to move the character. Unless you are using a PSone controller, the amount you push the stick will affect how quickly the character moves. Push gently to walk and harder to run.
  • Puch/kick: You can punch by pressing the O button. Press three times in rapid succession to get a punch-punch-kick combo.
  • Throw: Use the left analog stick and Square button near an enemy (without a weapon equipped) to throw them. Sometimes they will be knocked unconscious.
  • Corner View: Push the left analog stick towards the wall when near a corner so that you enter corner view. You can stay hidden whilst you look round the corner. Move the right analogue stick to move the camera.
  • Peek: When pressed against a wall near a corner, go into First Person View mode to make the character take a peek round the corner.
  • First-Person View attack: Aim in First Person View and use the directional button to aim at and shoot specific spots - enemy weakpoints and spots at various heights you normally cannot shoot.
  • Punch in First-Person: In First Person View mode, you can still punch and kick using the O button.
  • Strafe in First-Person: When in First Person View mode, press L2 or R2 to take a step left or right respectively. Press both together to stand on tiptoes.
  • Open watertight door: Press and hold Triange near a watertight door to open it. If you're in more of a hurry, press Triange repeatedly to open it faster.
  • Climb: Climb on top of an object which is waist-high by pressing Triange near it.
  • Roll forward: Roll by pressing X whilst running.
  • Roll attack: If you roll into an enemy, you can knock them down. Great for getting out of a tight spot!
  • Knock on wall: When pressed against a wall, press O to tap the wall. This will bring attention to the area if a guard hears it.
  • Hanging: Press Triangle near a handrail to jump over it and hang below to avoid the enemy. You can move sideways and go into First Person View mode too.
  • Open/close locker: Press Triangle in front of a locker to open it (some are locked, however). Press Triangle again to close it. You can hide in lockers, or put dead or unconscious enemies in them.
  • Drag body: Press Square near an unconscious, tranquilised or dead body (without a weapon equipped) and hold it down. Move the left analogue stick to drag the body around (and perhaps stuff it in a locker?)
  • Shoot radio: When you've been spotted and the enemy are calling for backup, if you equip a gun and go into First Person View, you can aim at the radio and prevent them from calling for assistance!
  • Cardboard Box: If you hide under a Cardboard Box and stay still, the enemy will ignore you (so long as you're not in their way). If you move in their sight, they will discover you.
  • Strangle: When near an enemy and without a weapon equipped, you can press and hold Square to put the enemy in a strangle-hold. Press Square repeatedly to break their neck.
  • Human shield: Approach an enemy and press and hold Square button. Move with the enemy as a human shield by holding Square down and moving the left analogue stick. Other enemies will hesitate to shoot you and you can make your getaway!
  • Book: Placing a Book where the enemies walk by will catch their attention. Not effective in Evasion and Alert modes.
  • Quick change: You can deselect equipped weapons and items by pressing the L2 or R2 buttons quickly. Press quickly again to re-equip your last weapon or item. Especially useful for First Person View equipment like the Scope.
  • Aim and move: You can aim your guns by pressing and holding down Square. While doing so, press down L1 to be able to move whilst aiming. You can also shoot whilst moving.
  • Jump-out shot: Whilst in Corner View, equip a weapon and press the Square Button to to jump out from the corner and point your gun. You can attack quickly and fairly safely this way.
  • Jump down from hanging: Whilst hanging from a railing, you can press Triangle to hoist yourself back up, or X to drop down. You can knock enemies out either way if you collide with them.
  • Steam pipe/fire extinguisher: Shoot a steam pipe or fire extinguisher near an enemy to temporarily distract them and prevent them from getting a good shot at you.
  • Hold up: Sneak up to the enemy without being found and aim your gun pressing Square. Aim in First Person View mode at weakpoints to make them give up their dogtags and items. Some may need a bit of persuading by being shot in a limb first, but no one will need any persuading if you aim a larger weapon like a Stinger at them (and it doesn't even matter where you aim)!
  • Shake body: Press Square near an unconscious, tranquilised or dead enemy to pick up their body. Release Square to let go of the body. Sometimes you will find items fall out for you to keep.