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Two New Books to Keep Your Eyes Open For

Wendy Mass is back with a new book and new characters, who are probably just as loveable as those I read about in A Mango-Shaped Space. Honestly, though, I'm just guessing. I haven't gotten ahold of this one, yet, and even if I had, I'm not sure if I would've had enough time to read it. But summer's on the horizon and soon (I hope) I'll be able to read about these three characters I only have a scant knowledge of:           1. Ally, a twelve-year-old stargazer.   2. Bree, thirteen and popular and beautiful and . . . secretive?                3. Jack, a fat and lonely thirteen-year-old.                                             Three different kids, with three different lives, who somehow have something in common. Sounds pretty interesting to me.

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Let's see, you get a murder mystery by Lemony Snicket, one of the most hilarious authors of all time (in my humble opinion) and you get a CD along with it. Sounds good to me.                                Snicket's site describes the book as a "perplexing" mystery, where "everyone seems to have a motive, everyone has an alibi, and nearly everyone is a musical instrument." Count me in for the ride. Find out more by going to You can hear what the composer composed, watch a video where you can see Lemony Snicket for real (like a face, not a shadow or a silhouette), and if you're feeling lucky, you can enter to win a copy.

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First Daughter: Extreme American Makeover

Sixteen-year-old blogger, Sameera, is used to feeling invisible. When she joins her father on his campaign for president, she's excited about the makeovershe's going to have. Until she finds out that not only does the campaign staff want to change how she looks, they also want to change who she is--by launching a fake, public blog. But Sameera has a mind--and a blog--of her own. This first book of Mitali Perkins's "First Daughter" books shows the exciting journey of a diplomat's daughter to the White House.

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Before Midnight: A Cinderella Twist


Every time the Cinderella story is told, it’s spun a little bit differently. In Cameron Dokey’s Before Midnight, you’ll join a girl who still has her father, and yet is treated by her stepmother like a slave. With every turn in the plot comes another twist to the best-known fairy tale in the world. Before Midnight is everything you’d expect of Cinderella—and more.