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Name: Megumi Nanasawa. ( Nanasawa is my family name) 

Sex: Male (dansei)

Birth : Tokyo (Shibuya-ku) , Japan on 1961.

Current location: Davao-city, Mindanao Island, Philippines

Marital Status: Married  ( And, I have one son )

Occupation: Japanese language teacher (since 1990)

Hobbies:Reading, Exercises, Travel, Shougi (Japanese chess)

My favorite sports: Baseball, Sumo, Kendo etc

My favorite food: Sushi, Curry, Yakisoba, Raamen etc.

My favorite movies: Seven Samurai, Zatoichi etc.

My favorite songs: 80's pops and Japanese folk music etc.

My favorite Quote:

Ichigo Ichie= Life is short and time is swift.

Ningen banji saiou ga uma=Joy and sorrow are today and tomorrow.

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