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Nov 29 - 2009
Major site update, find out the new stuff by yourself. :)

Dec 31 - 2008
Issue 74 is online! Last issue of this year, and the last issue of the Ragorlang saga.

Next year: New Powers saga. I'm looking forward to it!

Dec 2 - 2008
New issue again!

May 17 - 2008
New issue! Takes 20 minutes to read, took more then 20 hours to scan, edit, upload, etc.. Enjoy!

Jul 17 - 2007
It took some (much) extra time to get everything working, but the how to draw's are finally online.

Also check out the forum, we have a couple of new things overthere. :)

Apr 21 - 2007
Wow, that was a while ago since the last update. One thing for sure, coding html still sucks..

There are a a couple of new things here. I think everybody noticed the "latest issue" box at the right.
I'm also scanning some more pictures for the picture section, and I made the script for that section working.
At the extra's you can get also something new, bookmarks! Print them on paper, cardboard, your T-shirts, whatever. (If somebody does it on a T-shirt, I expect a photo. ;) )

Also, coming soon, how the draw the witches! At the right you already see some "emotional" examples of Will.

Latest issue

Check the comic scans thread on the forum for the latest issues.

Now online, how to draw the witches!

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Mar 20 - 2007
And another new issue! The fun never stops.. Still no time machine, so it took a little longer then I hoped. Enjoy the reading!

Mar 4 - 2007
Another new issue is up! This time it's 55, The day after. It took a little longer then expected, but it turned out ok. :)
Anybody who has a time machine for sale?
I need more hours in one day..

Jan 31 - 2007
Issue 54 is up! You can find it at the comicscans page. For people with a slower internet connection there is also a small version this time, you'll see it all when you read the issue. :)

Jan 25 - 2007
Why didn't I think of that? All the time I was fiddeling to make the transparancy work good, but the solution was simple, remove it. It never works good. It always lags somewhere.
For the rest I've been working on some pictures, chech out the picture section for new comicsamples.
And I've added a new link to Amanda's site for bookscans, happy reading overthere.

Jan 18 - 2007
The World Cup special is finished! It took some time, translation and editing by several people, but the whole thing is now ready for download. See the comicscans page for more info.
The very cute looking picture of Taranee *grin* at the right is also from this special.

Check also the picture section for a very good Orube pic. And no, that isn't fan art, it's from the introduction of Orube in the comics.

Jan 13 - 2007
Too much to say. I've been coding all evening, and the result is a new extra's section, more site content and a good working pictures section.
I've also put some security on the guestbook, that seems to be nessecairy these days.. Well, see for yourself what is changed. :)

Jan 12 - 2007
Guestbook section added, the comment form wasn't working at all.
I've also scanned some images, you can check the picture section to see them. One of them is already at the right.

Jan 4 - 2007
I've added the rescanned version of issue 8!
The link is in the comicscans section.

Jan 1 - 2007
Comment box added.
Comments are now under a link on the main page because the javascript isn't working to often and it messed up the site.

Dec 28 - 2006
Site created.

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