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February 24th, 2011
Noticed a bunch of the old download links were broken, so I've uploaded everything into one big file, find it on the maps page.

October 17th, 2006
Wow, over a year since my last update.  Added minimap images for my map packs, Hero Tactics, and A Land Divided.

September 24th, 2005
Added Gwaedins 1.03.2 updated PDF files to the downloads page.

June 11th, 2005
Finished map pack # 3 today, it's available for download on my maps page.  Bigger than the first two with a total of 21 maps :)

May 24th, 2005
I've got the unit, spell, and hero PDF files on my downloads page now, updated to version 1.03 courtesy of Gwaedin.  I've been working on some more maps as well, so I should have another map pack ready pretty soon.

May 16th, 2005
Added a remake of the WBC 1 map A Land Divided to the maps page.

May 5th, 2005
Some spectator maps are up, 3 for 2vs2, and one for spectating the AI in singleplayer.  Also reformatted a few of my pages.

April 19th, 2005
I have a retinue trainer map up now, as well as a short video clip of me playing against the AI.

April 1st, 2005
Added the new and improved Hero Tactics map to the fighter challenge page.  A few more screenshots are up as well.  Waiting for a map from mr_ipkiss so I can put that up as well.  Happy april fools day

March 8th, 2005
A normal XP map is now up as well as several more screenshots.  I'm currently working on a new map, similar to hero challenge.  The new map is more complex and much more fun, instead of focusing on simple brute force like the original, it will require more tactical playing and strategy.  It will hopefully be playable by lower leveled heroes as well, and summoning type heroes may also be playable on the new map.

March 5th, 2005
Added Fighter Challenge, a testing ground for high level heroes.

March 3rd, 2005
I've added a map page where you can download my map packs as well as my mindleech xp map.

March 1st, 2005
Not much here yet really, just screenshots.  I'll add more content later as I get the time.



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