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05.11.2016 From the Vault I've added more Chronicle miniatures to the vault.

05.11.2016 Pirates I've painted a set of cannibals and their village.

05.11.2016 Vikings Chopper Tom lives!

12.10.2016 Pirates I've started a pirates project.

04.09.2016 Plains War Mexicans on foot.

31.08.2016 Wild Geese A couple of Saracens to bolster my mercenary forces.

31.08.2016 Plains War An Indian burial scaffold.

24.08.2016 Plains War Plains Indian women.

23.08.2016 Plains War Apaches on foot.

16.08.2016 Plains War Artillery, Buffalo Soldiers, teepees, cacti. Where will it end?

08.08.2016 Anarchy Offline I've added a portal and some colour changing street lights.

05.08.2016 Afghanistan I've made some simple irrigation ditches.

28.07.2016 Gladiators I've produced a set of 10 civilians to fill my stands. Available from the Web Store.

26.07.2016 Napoleonics Some more South Essex Light Infantry.

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