I've always had an interest in Marvel Comics reprints. Those 1970s' reprint titles were among the first comics I owned. I read the Avengers in Marvel Triple Action, the Fantastic Four in Marvel's Greatest Comics, and Spider-Man in Marvel Tales. Then it got even better for a John Buscema fan like myself: Silver Surfer in Fantasy Masterpieces and the Sub-Mariner in Tales to Astonish. Ah the good old days!

Since the reprints didn't always specify the original stories, I collected various data throughout the years from my own research. With the birth of the World Wide Web, I had hoped to find a more detailed website but to no avail. After a discussion on the Marvel Comics newsgroup (circa summer 1998), I decided to create it myself.

This ongoing project has taken much more time than I expected, but I have learned a lot about Marvel reprints. Here are the people who've helped me (some of the links might be expired).

updated 12/10/2011

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