2000-10s Reprint Books

updated 9/17/2012

Backpack Marvel Digests (2000)

These are digest-sized, b&w reprints containing 1970s and 1980s material. They didn't sell well so this series was discontinued. I guess fans didn't like the smaller size or the b&w pages.

The Spider-Man issues were reprinted in color in Spider-Man Megazine. The X-Men issues were reprinted in color in Classic X-Men and partly in the Uncanny X-Men: From The Ashes TPB. They have also been reprinted in b&w in the Essential X-Men TPBs. Part of the Avengers issues were reprinted in color in the Avengers: Yesterday Quest TPB, but most of these reprints are new.

Despite the format, these are prime stories. The Avengers' volume features art by John Byrne, still at the peak of his artistry. The Spider-Man volume is by Roger Stern and John Romita Jr. The X-Men volume is by Chris Claremont and Paul Smith. They are all worth getting if you haven't read these issues already.

updated 12/25/2011

Avengers Vol. 1: Nights Of Wundagore (11/2000)
ISBN: 0785107657
Reprints: Avengers #181-189

Spider-Man Vol. 1: Murder By Spider (11/2000)
ISBN: 0785107622
Reprints: Amazing Spider-Man #224-230

X-Men Vol. 1: Target Angel (11/2000)
ISBN: 0785107630
Reprints: Uncanny X-Men #167-173

X-Men Vol. 2: Dark Phoenix Returns (11/2000)
ISBN: 0785107649
Reprints: Uncanny X-Men #174-180

Heroes Reborn TPBs (2000s)

Marvel first reprinted the Heroes Reborn Limited Series and part of the Fantastic Four. Six years later they finally reprinted the rest of the Reborn titles.

updated 9/17/2012

Fantastic Four: Heroes Reborn (7/2000)
ISBN: 0785107444
Reprints: Fantastic Four V2 #1-6

Heroes Reborn: Avengers (12/2006)
ISBN: 0785123377
Reprints: Avengers V2 #1-12

Heroes Reborn: Captain America (11/2006)
ISBN: 0785123393
Reprints: Captain America V2 #1-12

Heroes Reborn: Iron Man (11/2006)
ISBN: 0785123385
Reprints: Iron Man V2 #1-12

Heroes Reborn: Fantastic Four (2006)
ISBN: 0785123369
Reprints: Fantastic Four V2 #1-12

Heroes Reborn: The Return (9/2009)
ISBN: 978-0785137481
Reprints: Heroes Reborn: The Return LS #1-4, & the 1-Shots Heroes Reborn: Doomsday (2000),
Ashema (2000), Masters of Evil (1999), Rebel (2000), Remnants (2000), Young Allies (2000),
Doom (2000).

Return of the Heroes (1/1999)
ISBN: 0785107053
Reprints: Heroes Reborn: The Return LS #1-4

Post Heroes Reborn TPBs (2000s)

These TPBs reprint comics published after Heroes Reborn. Some other books are listed under their characters. I don't follow the current Marvel Universe so this list is not comprehensive and probably won't be updated. More recent lists can be found elsewhere on the web, such as www.tplist.com.

updated 11/26/2006

Alien Legion: Force Nomad (2001)
ISBN: 0971024901
  reprints Alien Legion V2 #1-11

Black Widow (7/2001)
ISBN: 0785107843
  reprints Black Widow V1 #1-3 (LS) & Black Widow V2 #1-3 (LS)

Captain Marvel: First Contact (8/2001)
ISBN: 0785107916
  reprints Captain Marvel V3 #0, 1-6

Doom (3/2002)
ISBN: 0785108351
  reprints Doom #1-3 (LS)

Doom: The Emperor Returns (3/2002)
ISBN: 0785108351
  reprints Doom: The Emperor Returns #1-3 (LS)

Inhumans (10/2000)
ISBN: 0785107533
  reprints Inhumans V2 #1-12 (LS)

Marvel Boy (6/2001)
ISBN: 0785107819
  reprints Marvel Boy #1-6 (LS)

New X-Men: E Is For Extinction (11/2001)
ISBN: 0785108114
  reprints New X-Men #114-117

The Punisher: Army of One (2/2002)
ISBN: 0785108394
  reprints The Punisher V2 #1-7

The Punisher: Welcome Back Frank (4/2001)
ISBN: 0785107835
  reprints The Punisher V3 #1-12

The Sentry (10/2001)
ISBN: 0785107991
  reprints The Sentry #1-5, The Sentry/Fantastic Four, The Sentry/Spider-Man,
	   The Sentry/X-Men, The Sentry/Hulk, The Sentry vs. The Void

Spider-Girl (10/2001)
ISBN: 0785108157
  reprints Spider-Girl #0-8

Startling Stories: Banner (11/2001)
ISBN: 078510853X
  reprints Startling Stories: Banner #1-4 (LS)

Ultimate X-Men: The Tomorrow People (7/2001)
ISBN: 0785107886
  reprints Ultimate X-Men #1-6

Universe X, Volume 1 (11/2006)
ISBN: 078510867X
  reprints Universe X #0-7, Universe X: Captain America #1, 
	   Universe X: Spider-Man #1, Universe X: Fantastic Four #1

War Machine (12/2001)
ISBN: 0785108548
  reprints US War Machine V2 #1-12 (LS)

X-Men: Children of the Atom (11/2001)
ISBN: 078510805X
  reprints X-Men: Children of the Atom #1-6 (LS)

X-treme X-Men (3/2002)
ISBN: 0785108416
  reprints X-treme X-Men #1-9

Wizard Magazine's Masterpiece Edition HCs (2003-06)

Wizard Magazine has offered fancy reprints over the years. All of the stories have been reprinted before. There were the Wizard Ace Edition comics and the Masterpiece Edition hardcovers.

The Masterpiece Editions were deluxe hardcovers that reprinted Wizard's top 10 stories for that character. They also included bonuses such comments from various writers and artists.

The later edition paperbacks are published by Panini Publishing and seemed to be only available in the United Kingdom.

updated 11/26/2006

Spider-Man Masterpiece Edition (12/2004, 10/2006)
ISBN: 0974325368 (HC)
ISBN: 1905239378 (TPB, UK)
	Amazing Spider-Man #229-#230 (Nothing Stops the Juggernaut)
	Amazing Spider-Man #231-#232 (Hyde in Plain Sight)
	Amazing Spider-Man #248 (The Kid Who Collects Spider-Man)
	Spectacular Spider-Man #107-#110 (Death of Jean DeWolff)
	Amazing Spider-Man #315-317 (Venom, Todd McFarlane)

Wolverine Masterpiece Edition (12/2004, 12/2006)
ISBN: 097432535X (HC)
ISBN: 1905239424 (TPB, UK)
	Uncanny X-Men #139-140 (Wendigo)
	Uncanny X-Men #172-173 (Viper & Silver Samurai)
	Incredible Hulk #340 (Wolverine vs. Hulk)
	Classic X-Men #25 vignette (Hunter & Prey, 13 pgs)
	Uncanny X-Men #268 (Wolverine & Captain America in WWII)
	Wolverine #150-153 (Blood Debt)

X-Men Masterpiece Edition (11/2003, 6/2006)
ISBN: 0974325317 (HC)
ISBN: 1905239319 (TPB, UK)
	Uncanny X-Men #126-128 (The Power of Proteus)
	Uncanny X-Men #135-137 (Dark Phoenix Saga)
	Uncanny X-Men #141-142 (Days of Future Past)
	Uncanny X-Men #143 (Demon, Last John Byrne)
	Uncanny X-Men #150 (I, Magneto)

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