Ace Books/Tempo Star Books (1978-79)

According to Beppe Sabatini, "The Conan paperbacks, published by Ace, cut apart the original panels (which I dislike) but are otherwise fairly nice." (Amazing Heroes Magazine #15). These books were digest-sized and in full-color.

I finally got a copy of volume 4. Yes, the panels are cut apart but the coloring looks well-done. No comic covers are reprinted. The original cover price is $1.95. Inside, it says:

	   A Tempo Star Book
	distributed by Ace Books

All these stories are now being reprinted by Dark Horse Comics under the title "The Chronicles of Conan". These new TPBs, however, are published on glossy paper and I find them a bit over-colored.

updated 22 Apr 2013

Conan Vol. 1 (1978)
ISBN: 0441116922
Reprints: Conan the Barbarian #1-3

Conan Vol. 2 (1978)
ISBN: 0441116930
Reprints: Conan the Barbarian #4-6

Conan Vol. 3 (1978)
ISBN: 0441116949
Reprints: Conan the Barbarian #7-9

Conan Vol. 4 (1978)
ISBN: 0441116957
Reprints: Conan the Barbarian #10-11

Conan Vol. 5 (1978)
ISBN: 0441116965
Reprints: Conan the Barbarian #12 (1st story), 13, 16 (a color reprint of Savage Tales Magazine #1)

Conan Vol. 6 (1979)
ISBN: 0441116973
Reprints: Conan the Barbarian #12 (2nd story), 14-15, 87 (second story)

Pocket Books (1977-79)

These were also digest-sized, full-color reprint books from the 1970s. The reprints are complete and in sequence. New plates were used for these reprints so the quality is excellent. I prefer these reprints over the original Masterworks HCs since they were not over-colored.

According to Beppe Sabatini, there were 10 volumes and these were his favorite series. The books listed here were taken from an old ad. These books can be found on Ebay. All of these stories have been reprinted elsewhere in color except for the Spider-Woman volume.

Most of these books don't reprint the covers. Usually the 1st volumes have covers if the character had its own title. Richard Killen supplied me with the original info.

updated 12/26/2011

Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 (9/1977)
ISBN: 0671814435
Reprints: Amazing Fantasy #15, Amazing Spider-Man #1-6 (w/ covers), A Spidey Feature, 
The Secret of Spider-Man's Mask, Spidey's Costume

Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 2 (2/1978)
ISBN: 0671814443
Reprints: Amazing Spider-Man #7-13

Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3 (3/1979)
ISBN: 0671825798
Reprints: Amazing Spider-Man #14-20, Pin-up by Ditko

Captain America Vol. 1 (5/1979)
ISBN: 067182581X
Reprints: Avengers #4 & Tales of Suspense #59-71

Doctor Strange, Master of the Mystic Arts Vol. 1 (1978)
ISBN: 0671814478
Reprints: Strange Tales #110-111, 114-129, Pin-up by Brunner

Doctor Strange, Master of the Mystic Arts Vol. 2 (7/1979)
ISBN: 0671825828
Reprints: Strange Tales #130-144, Pin-up by Brunner

Fantastic Four Vol. 1 (11/1977)
ISBN: 0671814451
Reprints: Fantastic Four #1-6 (w/ covers), 5 Pin-ups by Kirby: 1 of FF, 1 of each individual member

Incredible Hulk Vol. 1 (4/1978)
ISBN: 067181446X
Reprints: Incredible Hulk #1-6 (w/ covers) (Hulk recolored green from original gray),
2 pg pin-up by Trimpe

Incredible Hulk Vol. 2 (1/1979)
ISBN: 0671825593
Reprints: Tales to Astonish #85-99, Pin-up by Starlin?, Pin-up by Abel

Spider-Woman Vol. 1 (9/1979)
ISBN: 0671830260
Reprints: Marvel Spotlight #32 & Spider-Woman #1-8

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