Tales of Asgard (1968): 1

Tales of Asgard (1984): 1

There were two Tales of Asgard comics. Both reprinted the 5-page Tales of Asgard backup stories from Journey Into Mystery and Thor. All these stories have been reprinted in a modern, recolored series called Thor: Tales of Asgard, as well as in the Masterworks and Essentials books.

The earlier comic was a square-bound, Silver Age reprint with a 25 cent cover price. It featured a Jack Kirby cover and reprinted the first Tales of Asgard stories.

The later comic had a Walt Simonson cover and reprinted the Harokin and Fafnir storylines. It had a cover price of $1.25. There was a minor overlap with Marvel Spectacular.

This was a Stan Lee/Jack Kirby collaboration. They used these stories to provide more background about Thor and the other Norse gods. Of course Marvel's version doesn't totally correspond to the Norse myths, but these are still enjoyable to read. Verily, tis true!

updated 9 Mar 2014

Tales of Asgard #1, Volume 1 (10/1968)
	Reprint: Journey Into Mystery #97-106 (Tales of Asgard)
(25-cent cover)

Tales of Asgard #1, Volume 2 (2/1984)
	Reprint: Thor #130-136 (Tales of Asgard)
($1.25 cover)

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