Golden Records Book and Record Sets (1966)

These were four comic book and record sets produced by the Golden Records company. The records were large 33 1/3 LPs and the comics are almost identical facsimiles to the originals except there's no cover price or issue number. The back cover also contained ads for Golden Records. The list price was $2.49.

Since they were published in 1966, they are among the earliest reprints and have become quite expensive in themselves (though still cheaper than the originals). Fortunately these issues have been reprinted elsewhere many times.

updated 27 Feb 2014

SLP-185: Fantastic Four (1966)
	Reprint: Fantastic Four #1

SLP-186: Amazing Spider-Man (1966)
	Reprint: Amazing Spider-Man #1

SLP-187: Avengers and Captain America (1966)
	Reprint: Avengers #4

SLP-188: Mighty Thor (1966)
	Reprint: Journey Into Mystery #83 & 97

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