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AAFES New Avengers #8 - The Promise

(indicia - AAFES 8th Edition; December 2009)

Writer - Paul Tobin

World War II Artist - Craig Rousseau

Present Day Artist - Richard Elson

Colorist - Sotocolor

Letterer - Dave Sharpe

Cover - Paul Pelletier, Terry Pallot & Wil Quintana

Production - Irene Lee

Project Manager - Jon-Michael Ennis

Assistant Editor - Michael Horwitz

Editor - Nathan Cosby

Editor in Chief - Joe Quesada

Publisher - Dan Buckley


- Review

Captain America takes center stage once again in the eighth special produced exclusively for the U.S. Military.  Technically, I guess it's Captain Americas, as the story features both the current Cap, Bucky Barnes, and the original Cap, Steve Rogers, in a tale that cuts back and forth between present day Afghanistan and World War II Europe. In the present, Captain America is delivering an MRAP full of gifts to the troops overseas.  He is making good on a promise he made during WWII when he was the original Cap's sidekick, Bucky.  The WWII adventure sees Invaders Cap, Bucky, Sub-Mariner, Human Torch and Miss America rescuing refugees from tanks and other Nazi machines.

This issue is written by Paul Tobin, who tells a fun story worth reading.  The payoff is foreshadowed early, but even the Soldiers in the story already know where it's heading, and say so.  Making sure the characters and the readers all catch on at the same time puts the readers in the story much more effectively.  I could envision myself as one of the troops listening to Cap's story.  He also does a good job of establishing this new Cap for readers who may not be up-to-date on current Marvel continuity.  Some readers may only read these specials.  They may know from #5 that Cap died, and then a different Cap showed up in #7.  Here we get a proper introduction to the new guy.  Good work, Mr. Tobin.

The modern day sequence was drawn by Richard Elson.  The WWII sequence was drawn by Craig Rousseau.  Both are gifted artists and their differing styles give each piece a unique feel.  Elson's work is more in line with modern comics, while Rousseau's is just a little quirky - but not in a bad way.  His art is definitely befitting a super hero adventure, but, for me at least, gave me that sense of fun that I don't get with many modern comics (outside of, maybe, Atomic Robo).  It's a style that works very well for the flashback/"war story" element. 

All in all, another respectable offering from the folks at Marvel for our service members.


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