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2009 - A Meteor Too Close

The above pictures were not taken by me or anyone I know.  They are, however, just two of the many great images you will find in the FULL version of 'Click 'n Design 3D' .  No, I was not paid for this endorsement.  Yes, I do think it is fair to mention it, considering I am using their image.

'Spinning of a Werewolf's Eyes'

Click on this link to download A METEOR TOO CLOSE in its entirety as a .zip file.

Songs by Martin Warren (c) 2009 (SOCAN/BMI).

was completed in April 2009.  I've included a track to give you a sense of it.
It's too early to say much else.

SONGS: Hold Your Tongue, Spinning of a Werewolf's Eyes, The Ants, Tranquil Convulsion, Oceanic Wash (Instrumental), Took By The Landslide, Frozen In Alarm, Lost In Time, Empty Town, A Meteor Too Close (Instrumental)

PERSONNEL: All songs by Martin Warren.