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'Zombie Life'

Click on this link to download ARCHPLAN II in its entirety as a .zip file.

Songs by Architecture & Community Planning
© 2008 (SOCAN/BMI)

ARCHITECTURE & COMMUNITY PLANNING II was recorded 10 years after the project's first installment, and took a very different approach from it.  Whereas the first project had been recorded entirely in the studio, this time the initial recordings were done by Joey Haley and I in separate locations and then the tracks were exchanged - often several times - for further 'processing'.  The eventual result was a mixture of 'tape music' and lyrical 'songs' that no description that I could give here could do justice.

Andado Andada, Crux (Instrumental), Carnage of Peace, Love Wolverine, Saturday Night Firing Squad, Aww (Instrumental), Zombie Life, Sacrilegious Symbol, Form of the Second Device, Mr. And Mrs. Bouvine, The Goppz (Instrumental),  Uncle Darwin's Book, Transparency (Instrumental)

PERSONNEL: Music and sounds by Joey Haley and Martin Warren.  Lyrics and vocals by Martin Warren.  Backing vocals by Andrea (on 'Love Wolverine') and Anne (on 'Uncle Darwin's Book').