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2001 - No Snow In The Mountains

'You Need Chains' (version 2)

Click on this link to download NO SNOW IN THE MOUNTAINS in its entirety as a .zip file.

Songs by Martin Warren (c) 2001 (SOCAN/BMI)

The songs on NO SNOW IN THE MOUNTAINS were recorded over the month of June, 2001. 'You Need Chains' could work in a spaghetti western or a zombie flick with all its fear and trepidation. 'So Much Time' is one of those songs that carries a twist to the story in its last verse.   'Release the Dragon' meditates on the haunting rain that can actually be heard in the background.  I wrote the title track, 'So Much Time', and 'Real Good Reasons' while I was getting fed-up my own involvement in an especially clingy church I had joined a few months earlier. 

Many of the tunes on No Snow In The Mountains are seriously messed-up by poor tape quality, as they were recorded mostly on the ends of whatever cassettes that happened to be strewn around at the time.  There are at least two takes of most of these songs.

SONGS: You Need Chains (take #2), So Much Time, Bindweed, A James A. Michener Novel, What You Know, Real Good Reasons, Release the Dragon, No Snow in the Mountains, You Need Chains (take #1)

PERSONNEL: Songs by Martin Warren.